10 Best Free WordPress Booking Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Booking Plugins

1. Event Booking Pro

Event Booking Pro Plugins

2. Booki – A Booking Plugin for WordPress

Booki Plugins

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Today, WordPress is becoming more popular for most website owners due to the helpful benefits that it can provide to them. This platform is also used by the bloggers in creating their blogs. The WordPress Booking Plugins are the best choices to consider by those people who want to put a booking system in their website. With these booking plugins that WordPress has, many people will experience ease when it comes to booking. Actually, this is made of unique and manageable software that make them more useful. In fact, you can use them without having problems or difficulties.

The best free WordPress booking plugins are made in various categories. These categories contain various functions and features that will get your attention.

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1. Bookings

This category is contains a powerful and unbeatable booking plugin. This is the best choice for the people who own small or large business and in creating profit in their WordPress website.

2. Booking Calendar

It contains an all-in-one plugin which has three functions. If you are a businessman who plans to use this category, your customers can easily see the significant events in a calendar, tickets, books, or services that are reserved depending in its availability. They can also pay their charges though online and in just one click.

3. Rezgo Online Booking

This internet based software plugin will allow you to use the Rezgo account through the help of a WordPress site. This is also the perfect choice for those people who want to have a perfect front- end reservation application.

4. Checkfront Online Booking System

This is usually used by some businessmen who want to manage bookings, rental inventories, receive payments, and online reservation.

5. Booktime

Booktime will allow the users to add a time online appointments, sheets, and reservation that can be managed with ease by a website. It actually contains simple process in displaying booking calendar in your page. It also lets your visitors see the entire booking calendar with ease.

6. InnHand

It actually comes out as a powerful online reservation method that will let you and other users see and book some properties, spaces or other things that are still available.

7. Orders and Customers Support

This WordPress plugin have the ability to illustrate the past and present pending and approve booking from the Booking Calendar. You can easily use this when it has the support of jQuery and Ajax. It will also help you in handling the entire booking and in giving an impressive customer service.

8. Booking Calendar Contact Form

This is made simple but powerful because this can create a self-governing contact form for the customers who plan to book per event in the calendar. It also comes with a button for payments.

9. Resaline

This type of plugin will let you manage reservation. It also gives stress-free service and an impressive solution to those people who want to book tickets in their preferred place to spend their vacation.

10. Lodgix.com Reservation Plugin

This is a high interactive WordPress plugin which is typically used by WordPress and travel websites. This is also used by their customers if they want to book bed breakfast and hotel.

Since the best free WordPress booking plugins come out in different categories, you will have a lot of options. All of these WordPress plugins are manageable to use and that’s why you can use it with ease.