10 Best Free WordPress Database Backup Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Database Backup Plugins

1. WordPress Backup & Clone Master

WordPress Backup Plugins

2. Backup My WP to Dropbox

Backup My WP to Dropbox

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WordPress Database Backup Plugins are commonly used to backup critical files, data and tables and to save them on your online storage and archives. There are many WordPress Database Backup Plugins that are available for free in the web. Learn about the best free WordPress Database Backup Plugins that are proven effective, safe and easy to install.

1. Bei Fen Backup Plugin

This kind of WordPress Database Backup Plugins will provide you with a variety of choices of complete installation of your files on your database and backups that can be easily restored in just single click.

2. WP Time Machine

This kind of plugin has the ability to create uploads of your files and data as well as to provide connection to your online storage like Dropbox, FTP, AWS S3. By using this database backup plugins, you can exclude your directory cache on your MySQL format.

3. WP S3 Backup

This plugin will give you the opportunity to backup your database files automatically as well as to install it on Amazon S3 which is a kind of service that protects your important data and files.

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4. WordPress Database Manager

This plugin is considered as one of the best free database plugins that have the ability to restore, delete, backup and repair backup database. It also provides you with easy access of your queries with the use of this WordPress database Manager and automatically manages your scheduled backup as well as your entire database.

5. WordPress EZ Backup

This plugin is a kind of administrator plugin that creates backup archives on your whole site. You can also view your live file that is located in backup procedure and this plugin will provide you with an interactive auto, a great restoration backup and help settings on your web configuration.

6. DBC Backup Plugin

The DBC Backup Plugin will schedule your database backups with the presence of WP cron system wherein your backup data is being protected by a small key that is transferred to your export directory. It also has easy access to imdex.html data that can easily compress the backup as Bxip2 or Gzip.

7. BackWPup

This WordPress Database Backup Plugins will optimize your database, checks, stores, backup and repair with the use of Amazon S3, FTP Server and RackSpaceClous and immediately sends a backup or log through email. This plugin is also great for WordPress novices and beginners with its simple and easy to use features.

8. VaultPress

The VaultPress will protect your plugins, comments, themes and post revisions with the use of WordPress multi cloud Backups. It also updates your hot fixes and safeguard them with zero vulnerabilities.

9. MyEASYBackup

This kind of WordPress Database Backup Plugins will perform backup by creating a single file that is also called as a dataset that compresses your data in a file format and saves them outside your WordPress installation directory. By using this plugin, you can upload, download and data a certain data in your file format.

10. Snapshot Backup

This kind of plugin is considered as one of the overall fantastic solution plugins that are great for users who are seeking for an easy restoration tool and backup. This is also suited for beginners, small WordPress sites as well as WordPress experts.