10 Best Free WordPress Glossary Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Glossary Plugins

1. AZ Glossary Taxonomy Index

AZ Glossary Taxonomy Index

2. InlineHelp


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Creating your own glossary in your WordPress will allow users to have easy access to detailed information with just a simple mouse click. The Glossary Plugins are considered as one of the user friendly plugins and offer convenience and hassle free feeling to viewers, readers and users. Here are some of the WordPress Glossary Plugins that you can choose from that you can make use on your own WordPress site.

1. Content Management

This kind of glossary plugin will let you create the most common type of posts and advanced content management that includes testimonials, FAQ, staff and contributors.


2. CM Tooltip Glossary

With the help of this plugin, you can easily create dictionary, encyclopedia and glossary that also offer powerful features.

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3. WP Glossary

You are given the opportunity to create your own glossary on your site that is marked as hot linked terms.

4. Name Directory

This kind of plugin will provide you with a name directory or also known as a glossary with excellent layout options and simple short code.

5. Glossy

This plugin will allow you to characterize information that you are using throughout your site with a short code.

6. Mowster Glossary

This will help you display and manage your glossary in your WordPress.

7. Climate Change Glossary

This kind of plugin will import the so called SKOS thesaurus, highlight the terms and generate the links that are available in the thesaurus.

8. INFOmoz Glossario

This will allow you to create the functionalities of your glossary in your WordPress blog with the use of Javascript tooltips.

9. Factolex Glossary

This kind of WordPress Glossary Plugins will allow you to add glossaries in your blog with definitions.


The Word Press System for Navigating Alphabertized Posts will allow the user to create an interface that can be used in navigating alphabetized titles.

Accessibility of WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Glossary Plugins are really awesome. With the help of WordPress, you will have the opportunity to have access to millions of WordPress plugins that have a variety of functionality in the website. It is also used everywhere you go. Most of the developers and users will truly help you in order to know more about the essence and significance of WordPress in the society. They will also offer you awesome support since WordPress is being used by millions of people. There are also video tutorials that are available on YouTube that will provide with the step by step procedure on how to install your desired WordPress.

All of the WordPress Plugins are free and they will also allow you to perform a free trial on your website. WordPress is being used by bloggers and business websites all around the world. It also has an exceptional security plugin that will give you the confidence that all your files are secured and safe. This is your best time to download your own WordPress plugin on your website and rest assured that you will be amazed with the excellent performance level that they are giving. You can also try their free WordPress trial. Feel free to download them now.