10 Best Free WordPress Importer Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Importer Plugins

1. CSV to WordPress Import Plugin

CSV to WordPress Import Plugin

2. YouTube WordPress Plugin

YouTube WordPress Plugin

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In this kind of WordPress Importer Plugin, you can easily import pages, posts, custom fields, comments, tags and categories with the use of the WordPress export file. Here are some of the well known importer plugins that will help you perform your job faster.

1. Simple CSV Importer

This kind of WordPress importer plugins will help you import tags, categories and posts from your CSV file.

2. WP App Studio

In this importer plugin, you will learn to use the development and design in order to create features plugins in which no coding is required.

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3. Easy Digital Downloads

This will allow the EDD owner to import their products from export products into the CSV file.

4. WordPress Importer for Events Manager

This importer plugin will allow you to import events objects to another site that includes locations, attachments, events, comments, taxonomies and thumbnails.


This is a kind of powerful importer plugin for WordPress that imports and exports pages, posts and other types of custom post.

6. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

This is a kind of plugin that turns your data offline for your page, posts and custom post with the use of the so called mapping feature and CSV file import.

7. Instagram Importer

This importer plugin will provide backup to your instagram display and photos that arelocated in your instagram archive.

8. Blogger Importer

This importer plugin has the ability to import your comments, posts and categories or the so called blogger tags from your blogger blog then transfer to the WordPress users.

9. Attachment Files Importer

With the use of this importer plugin, you can scan your WordPress installations in order to find all your missing attachment files as well as download them into another WordPress installation.

10. Widget Importer Plugin

This kind of plugin gives the user the ability to import their current widget into a variety of installations and server.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

The fastest and convenient methods in installing your WordPress Importer Plugins are the following:

• Visit tools and import in your WordPress dashboard.
• Click the WordPress link that is located in the importer lists.
• Click the install now button.
• Click the Activate Plugin followed by the run importer button.

The WordPress industry supports the importing data with the use of articles, posts, features and details that are also supported by a publishing platform. The WordPress Importer Plugin plays a vital role in the WordPress industry since they serve as the key in order to connect with the community and to get involved with their undertakings. It also supports multiple systems, easily pick project and full support for field mapping. It also transfers data from external systems into flexible CSV files. The WordPress Importer Plugins are truly designed with simplicity in mind and will allow you to make your work faster. If you are looking for the latest importer plugins, just browse the internet and start to download your favorite importer plugin that will provide you with all the things you need.