10 Best Free WordPress Lightbox Gallery Plugins


Most Recommended WordPress Premium Lightbox Gallery Plugins

1. Lightbox Evolution for WordPress


2. JackBox – Responsive Lightbox


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A website without pictures is like a half website. Many people expect to get at least some photos sprinkled on your website. On many websites, they like a gallery of images to provide a selection of visual detail like artists, photographers and quilters. Adding photos to the WordPress website can be straightforward with great image and lightbox gallery plugins.

Some of the best free WordPress Lightbox gallery plugins to choose from are:

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1. Features Content Gallery

This free lightbox gallery plugin allows users to make an automated, rotating picture gallery on some pages or posts. It is incredibly easy to put together and users just add a field where he or she wants the gallery to show. Select from many options to personalize in accordance to the website.


2. Nextgen Gallery

This lightbox gallery plugin is perhaps the most common free WordPress gallery plugin available. Users can make a slideshow, a media RSS feed and so much more. You can copy, move, delete and upload images without stress. You can also put in a flash image gallery with this plugin.

3. WP Photo Album

This plugin easily allows users to manage photo albums on WordPress. This allows users to make albums or move images to and from them. This also allows users to delete and upload pictures and add a code to post the album where required.

4. Flickr Gallery

This is considered one of the best lightbox gallery plugins once you are utilizing Flickr. Because of their short codes, your pages and posts and pages can easily and quickly have your Flickr photos incorporated. You can switch on file caching for worry free loading.

5. Lazyest Gallery

This plugin makes slides and thumbs instantly. Easily manage testimonials for every picture or folder. This allows you to organize your pictures as you want and manage other information as you see fit.

6. Shutter Reloaded

It is a picture viewer, but smaller in size. This plugin resizes the large pictures, mixes pictures in sets as well as pre-loads pictures for faster illustration. Users can personalize color and setting for captions, menu and button.

7. Shadowbox JS

This is the same as Lightbox 2, but works with different media formats and images. There is a choice for commercial purposes

8. Freebie Images

Swiftly search in free stock pictures and images to improve the blog. These high quality pictures were made by expert photographers and can be added to your site with Drop and Drag functionality.

9. Easy Media Gallery

This free plugin allows users to make a remarkable portfolio or picture gallery. This is an incredibly customizable wordpress lightbox gallery plugin. This also allows users to set display anything he or she wants such as adjust colors.

10. Fancy Gallery Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Fancy Gallery plugins linked pictures and photo galleries with Fancybox. This free plugin has received an award as being the most useful and valuable plugin. You can use this plugin to make and manage as well as handle picture galleries.

With different gallery plugins, you must get ones which work well with your requirement and your WordPress theme as well.