10 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Portfolio Plugins

1. Go Responsive Portfolio for WP

Premium Responsive Portfolio for WordPress

2. Media Grid WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Premium WordPress Portfolio Plugins

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To potentially improve your site, blog or SEO, you have to find the best WP plugin that can meet your needs and expectations. To get started, consider the following list below and take note some of the examples of WP portfolio plugins.

Filterable jQuery Nimble Portfolio/Gallery

Nimble Portfolio has been an extremely powerful gallery/portfolio WP plugin. It was made highly suitable in showcasing the images, documents, videos, and portfolio. You can group them well under its filterable tabs. Use it to transform your own portfolio into a powerful and cutting edge gallery jQuery that will allow you sort and feature your work.

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

This free WP plugin will let the artists, photographers, and designers to manage, create and publish each outstanding and modern filterable portfolio wherein it may be filtered with the use of cool image and smooth animation hover effects. In a few minutes, you can already set it up, customize, and then publish the portfolio. It is packed with incredible features that can make the process easy, fast and convenient. Some of them include ordering portfolio categories, configuration of animation properties, easy to customize and use, and unlimited categories or items.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

The top rated blogging podcast on iTunes is hosted by Brandon Gaille. He built his blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months, and he shares his secret strategies in his award winning podcast. Listen to the Latest Episodes Right Now.

WEBphysiology Portfolio

This plugin will allow you create a grid-style page or an expanded-list style page that contains, supporting detail and images which are perfect for your portfolio presentation.

Simple Portfolio

Simple Portfolio is one of the best free WordPress portfolio plugins that allows you to manage your own portfolio easily. Through this plugin, you may append YouTube, media, and snippets from a built-in Media library into projects.

Gigabox – Responsive WP Gallery/Image Effect

Gigabox has been a free WP plugin that is made lightweight responsive image gallery for WP. It integrates with the theme seamlessly. This can be used easily while you have the chance of adding Gigabox galleries/images through any standard WP Media Manager.


iGallery is the plugin that serves as an interactive photo gallery WP plugin. This works well with corporate and creative portfolio sites. It allows you create beautiful animate galleries including smooth animations and a modern look.

EZ Plug in Portfolio

EZ Plug In allows you to make stunning filterable portfolios for your own work within a few seconds. This is the most ideal solution when you want to show off your works, from images up to videos.

Auto Grid Responsive Gallery

Auto Grid Responsive Gallery is a WP plugin that will scan the folder present in your WP Plugins folder including the subfolders. After that, it is going to look for the images.

UBL Unlimited Galleries

UBL Unlimited Galleries is a plugin for WP that allows you to provide unlimited galleries. At the same time, it lets you customize every gallery you are making according to the specific style you wanted. This plugin has been responsive and fits into all WP themes.


This plugin lets you display a creative portfolio to the customers only a few minutes. You may utilize it in showing them the most recent posts coming from your gallery or blog.

Through this collection of the best free WordPress portfolio plugins, you can show the best and most creative portfolio ever. It is always important to choose the one that can fulfill your requirements.