10 Best Free WordPress Translation Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Translation Plugins

1. Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin

Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin

2.Easy Translation Manager for WordPress

Easy Translation Manager for WordPress

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When you check the status of your website traffic, you will certainly find that it acquires traffic from different geographical locations worldwide. So, since different people with different languages are likely to view your website, it is a great idea to make your website as responsive as possible. You should be able to do this by being able to translate your website content in different languages that are understood by your individual viewer. In this case, choosing among the best free WordPress translation plugins must be a great idea.

The following are some of the best free WordPress translation plugins you may want to install in your own website:

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1. Transposh – WordPress Translation Filter

This translation filter lets you add translation options into your footer or sidebar through a widget. This WordPress plugin utilizes MS Translate, Apertium, or Google Translate and sustains 65 different languages.

2. GTS Translation Plugin

GTS Translation is a WordPress plugin that enables you from adding a translation widget into your site’s sidebar. This plugin supports more than thirty various languages and conducts translations on meta tags and permalinks to the selected language so as to boost traffic.

3. Google AJAX Translation

This WordPress plugin enables you to add a translation link into your posts, which enable visitors from translating your content to the language they can understand. This translation tool can translate content up to 52 different languages.

4. Translate This Blog Translator

This plugin is primarily provided by Translation Services USA. It utilizes Google Translate in order to offer translation in more than 50 languages. Most visitors just have to hit the provided translate button for viewing the translation language.

5. Worldwide Lexicon Translator

Worldwide Lexicon Translator utilizes Apertium, Moses, Google Translate, Language Weaver and Google Translate to create translations on your content. Tool translation for more than 50 languages is completely free. However, you may also order expert translation within 35 different languages using a Speak Easy feature for about six cents for every word.

6. WP Translate

This WordPress translation plugin allows you from using a translation widget, which enables you from translating your content using Google Translate.

7. Global Translator

Global Translator offers you automatic translation of your blog in maximum of 48 various languages. This is possible with the use of Babel fish, Free Translations, Google Translation Engine or Promt. This WordPress plugin features an integrated caching system. It also makes adjustments on your permalinks through adding a certain language code in the beginning.

8. Bens Translator

This WordPress plugin utilizes Google Translate when translating pages that come from your site and caches these pages for the benefit of SEO.

9. Ackuna Blog Translator

Nearly the same with the Translate This Blog Translator, Ackuna Blog Translator utilizes Ackuna in order to offer visitors translation capabilities for more than 50 languages.

10. qTranslate

This plugin enables you from creating multilingual contents in an easy way through adding translation choices for fifteen languages into the post editor. Automatically, this plugin produces a URL for every language, which is translated.

Knowing that you have these best free WordPress translation plugins, you can guarantee that you will make the most of your website’s efficiency.