10 Blog Title Suggestions that Drive Traffic

Blog Title Examples for Marketing

The Top 10 Blog Titles That Generate The Most Traffic

When attempting to direct traffic to your blog, the single most important aspect that will draw people in is the headline of your blog or the title.

Have an Effective Headline

The headline is the first thing that people will read and will determine whether or not they read your blog. This determines your success.

There are several different types of headlines or titles that you can choose from to ensure that your blog is read. These headline types include: the numbered list, the how-to, the case study, the lessons learned, the reasons why, the provocative question, the news headline, the direct and specific, the command and the irresistible approaches.

No matter which headline type you choose to employ, it is sure to direct traffic to your blog. However, you need to choose one that suits the information you are trying to convey, rather than one that seems the easiest to write.

An example of a numbered list would be: The Top 5 Best Social Media Sites on the Web. If your blog has this type of structure then this would be the best headline type to use.

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An example of a how-to would be: How to Tie Your Shoes, so if your blog format fits this description then design your headline according to this type. An example of a case study would be: What Happens After the Cocoon Closes. If your blog information follows this type of format, then employ this type of headline.

If your blog information resembles something like this, The Top Five Lessons That I Learned From Disregarding my Parents Wishes, then it is best to employ the lessons learned headline style.

The rest of the styles are pretty straightforward, but here are some examples of each of them. First, is the reason why headline: Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Show. Second, is the provocative question: Are You Catering to Your Children Instead of Instructing Them?

The third headline is the news headline: Introducing the All-New Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The fourth is the direct and specific: Free Wedding Invitation Template Downloads.

The fifth type of headline is the command headline: Read this Blog and Change Your Life Today. And, sixth is the irresistible headline: How too Much Vitamin D Can Harm You.

There are also a few tips that you should follow in order to be successful when creating your headline. These tips include: creating a feeling of urgency, being very specific, offering unique importance, creating it to be useful and employing provocative wording.

Choosing one of these types of headlines and following these tips when creating the headline will undoubtedly drive an enormous amount of traffic to your blog, making it a huge success among Internet users.