10 Fantastic Content Marketing Optimization Tips

Guide to Article Optimization

Article Optimization

Google is by far the biggest search engine on the web today. It currently is being used 64.8% of the time. Followed by Yahoo with 16.3% and Bing 14.7%. The last 4.2% are all other search engines available today. Now, with that being said when you go to look for an item, how many times have you scrolled the pages to find a result? Most people click on a result on the first page. In face 62% of people click on an article or searched item within the first page. Only 28% of people look up a result within the first 3 pages and only 10% of people searching the web use the rest of the results.

Goals and Objectives

You ultimately want your results to display on the first page of results. If you want that to happen, then it needs to be optimized. To get optimizations there are some tips that will help you achieve those.

Determine Your Audience
First, determine your audience. You need to know exactly what your target audience is. That’s going to affect how you write, what you write and the terminology that you will use while writing your article. The terminology for a scientific research paper to a 60 year old man is going to be a lot different than an article that you write for a teenage on paint ball facilities.

Write Valuable Content
Second, you want to write valuable content. If you write something that is worth some value and that is useful. You want to write something that others will want to share. The more it gets shared the higher reader retention you will have. Try using some link baits. Link baits are explain how to do something with a step by step, use some humor, attack a concept or idea, provide news, answer some questions, or solve a problem.

Use Header Tags
Third, Include title in H1 tags. Use a keyword that you also are using in the article. That way when someone searches that keyword, it would have a higher likelihood of displaying towards the front of the search results. That leads us to our next tip…

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Use Keywords
Appropriate use of keywords. Use them in the file name, in the title, in the teaser line, and in the body of the article. Appropriate use of keywords are about 1-3%. You don’t want to overkill with the keywords, because then the article is not clear and concise.

Fifth, format options. You have an arsenal with your choices of how to format. Use of bold, italic, and underline when you really want to stress what you are saying. This will allow a reader to scan the article and pick out the most important parts.

Anchor Text
For your sixth rule we are going to use anchor text. Most article directories will allow you to place a few anchor text in the body of the article, so that way when someone clicks on it, it leads them to another page. But, what a great way to get a link back to your own website!

Check Spelling and Grammar
You always want to make sure to check the spelling and the grammar of your article. There is no bigger headache then tried to read an article that is full of spelling mistakes and doesn’t flow like it’s supposed to. Also, you want to share that article on your own site and to as many social media sites and other highly visible platforms.

Following these steps should definitely lead you to being indexed by search engines in no time.