11 Facebook Viral Marketing Tips

Facebook Content Planning

Consumer And Retail Brands Virality On Facebook

Social media allows you to interact with friends and family members you already know as well as people you may not know. Social media is comprised of an online community of individuals who like to create, share, and exchange information.

Technological Advancement Influence

Due to major technological advancements and innovations, social media has become even more mainstream. Due to its increased popularity, new social media forums, communities, and networks have been created. Internet users spend more time on social media websites than any other type of website.

Anywhere Accessibility

Today, social media is accessed from a wide variety of technological devices. Some of these devices include tablets, laptops, desktops, as well as mobile phones with data usage plans. Access social media websites such as Facebook from your device anywhere at any given time.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook now features advertisements from various businesses. Which type of content is ideal for businesses and corporations to use? Businesses first have to take a look at which content works on Facebook. Posts by consumer and retail brands were analyzed in a recent study and its results were obtained accordingly.

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

What marketing strategy or technique is readily utilized by consumer and retail brands? The frequency of posts, time of posts, weekday, length of posts, the type of post and its properties are essential components of consumer and retail brands marketing strategy.

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Frequency of Publishing Posts

Let’s take a closer look into when and how consumer and retail brands publish posts. The frequency of posts is vital as you should not post too often. The study demonstrated the frequency of posts over a period of 28 days.

Understanding Virality

Virality which is computed by taking the consumer and retail brands number of likes, shares, and comments over the number of fans and the value obtained is multiplied by 100.

Results show that consumer and retail brands pages that post at a lower frequency actually exhibit higher virality values. Virality values are not higher when posts are added more frequently. This assures you that less is more.

The average virality is 0.23%. Consumer and retail brands that showed virality values greater than 0.23% posted less frequently. A virality value of 0.33% correlates to posts at a frequency of every 1 ½ to 2 ½ while a virality of 0.54% displays posts every 3 days.

Does the time of day consumer and retail brands post actually matter? Yes, the time of day does play a significant role in accordance to when consumer and retail brands publish posts.

Higher vitality results are obtained before noon and after work hours. In addition to the time of day, the day of the week consumer and retail brands decide to post are also of grave importance. Sundays display the highest vitality values. So, if you’re a consumer or retail brand you should reach your audience on the weekends, particularly on Sundays.

How long should your post be? Your consumer or retail brands post should be between 1 and 3 lines in length.

Other marketing strategies to help increase vitality includes adding pictures, galleries, and keeping your posts concise, emotional in nature, and simple.