11 Key Statistics on Corporate Blogging

Statistics of Corporate Blogging

The Statistical Factors Of Corporate Blogging

Blogging is constantly growing in popularity, so much so, that now even corporations are employing the technique to help drive brand marketing and increase return on investment (ROI).

Influential Communication

The corporate blog has become a very influential communication instrument and it helps construct and endorse brand identity and a feeling of engagement. Not only will a corporate blog help increase return on investment (ROI) and drive brand marketing, it will also help to attract new consumers and keep the old consumers returning for more.

Current Statistics

Provided below are some statistics that will hopefully inspire you to create your own corporate blog. Having a corporate blog and someone to manage it is vital for a company if they want to be successful and see an increase in their profits.

In 2013, sixty percent of companies will publish a corporate blog, using inbound marketing methods in their entire marketing strategy. Aside from that, fifty-four percent of CEO’s are focusing on an inbound strategy for 2013 for their companies as well.

Thirty-eight percent of business-to-business companies (B2B) are fully integrating inbound, as compared to only twenty-seven percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. And, nine percent of companies even have a full-time blog writer.

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Between nine percent and twenty-one percent of a company’s average budget is spent on corporate blogs and social media, which has increased from 2009-2012.

Eighteen percent of marketers have verified that their top priority in 2013 was to create high-quality content. While eleven percent of marketers have said that their main challenge in 2013 is honing in on content that is meant for an international audience.

Seventy-nine percent of corporations who have a corporate blog report a positive return on investment (ROI) for inbound marketing. And it is noted that, sixty-eight percent of consumers take time out of their day to read content that is generated from a brand that interests them and four hundred and thirty-four percent more consumers index the pages of the brands they like. While ninety-seven percent more index the links that they are interested in through different blogs.

Benefits of Corporate Blogging

With the ever-growing popularity of blogs, not only for personal use, but for professional as well, in comparison to the statistics on corporations and corporate blogs, it is easy to see the promising benefits that companies gain by employing these blogs and hiring blog writers to both create and monitor them.

If companies choose to employ a corporate blog, then their return on investment (ROI) will undoubtedly prosper and they will have successfully helped drive their brand marketing, which will attract both new consumers and will also help to ensure that their old consumers keep coming back because it provides them with useful, updated information about the brand they love.