11 Ways to Increase WordPress Blog Engagement

Increasing User Engagement

Eleven Tips To Increase User Engagement On Your Website

There are at least eleven things you can do to increase the amount of user engagement on your website. Everyone needs more of it and these are just a few of many tips.

First, you want to create the best content possible. It can help you a lot if you use Google Trends. Also, be sure the content is creative, unique, original, lengthy and does not copy anything else you have seen or have written yourself.

Second, you will probably want to upgrade the hosting plan you have with your hosting company. This will save your users from frustratingly lengthy load times and will keep your pages running smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Third, you will want to use Google Analytics to seek out and destroy and pages you may have on your website that have a bounce rate of 85 percent or more. There is simply no need for pages with this high of a bounce rate, no matter how much you may like them.

Fourth, you need to improve your website copywriting as much as possible. One way you can do this is by reworking your headlines on at least the top five most visited pages in your website. You should primarily focus on the specific benefits rather than the features themselves.

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Fifth, you will want to invest in social media sites as much as possible. Facebook is what you should use for the mainstream, LinkedIn is best for your B2B markets and Google Plus is what will make Google fall in love with your website.

Sixth, you need to improve your Google SERP snippet that is assigned to your homepage. You should include in it an incentive that will draw users into clicking to your page, something like 5 percent off your first order.

Seventh, you always want a good email capture form on your main pages. This will inform visitors when there has been something cool added to the page.

Eighth, you need to be sure your registration page in particular has a responsive design. This means that it should be smart phone friendly.

Ninth, you will want to submit your website to UserTesting.com so that you can get a better idea of what your website is like. Be sure to completely understand that feedback you get.

Tenth, you should ask your users themselves for feedback. You can use Kampyle, UserVoice or OpinionLab for this.

Finally, you will want to add imaged that are related to your content and be sure that your existing images are more engaging. You can do this with imonomy.

These are just a few of many ways to increase the amount of user engagement on your particular website. Get started today on tip one and come up with a few tips of your very own!