12 Best Free WordPress Attachments Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Attachments Plugins

1. WordPress Ajax Contact Form with attachments 2.0

Wordpress Ajax Contact Form with attachments 2.0

2. Rcwd Upload for Gravity Forms

Rcwd Upload for Gravity Forms

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There are many WordPress attachment plugins today that are offered to website owners. These plugins are very useful to them because they can actually make a website eye catchy and manageable. It is a fact that these plugins are made of unbeatable and powerful software so that’s why they cannot be damaged easily by viruses or malwares. The best free WordPress attachment plugins are made for every businessman who owns a website and for anyone who looks for a way how they can attach significant files with ease.

There are many free WordPress attachment plugins today that you can use. Because it is free, you will no longer need to spend money to get them. You will just need to install your chosen plugin to your computer. Be sure that you have an internet connection that can work fast so that you can install it with ease. The best free WordPress attachment plugins are listed below.

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1. Auto Attachment

This WordPress plugin will help you in attaching files in a safe and effective way. The types of attachments that it can support are Excel, PowerPoint, rar, odf, pdf, zip, tar, and ods.

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

It optimizes the images that you upload in your blog automatically. You can also optimize those images which you formerly uploaded by using this plugin.

3. Simple Fields

With these simple fields, you can easily add any category of custom fields that you prefer in your posts, attachments, and pages.

4. WP Attachments

It illustrates each and every file that you uploaded in your post or page mechanically. You can do it without linking it in some area of the text.

5. EG Attachment

You can add latest short codes attachment here. These short codes can be used in any options that you like.

6. Media Library Assistant

You will never have problem in this category because it gives utmost support in handling the media library. It contains the helpful software that keeps it in a good and manageable condition.

7. GD bbPress Attachments

It implements that upload attachment in the replies and topics that contains in bbPress plugin. Through the presence of media library, you can do it rapidly and you can also add some additive forums in the based controls.

8. Document Gallery

It lets you create documents of gallery without experiencing difficulties. Some of the attached media like the options in gallery are already accessible and available for the attached images.

9. File Un-attach

This is the type of WordPress plugin that will give you the freedom in attaching single files to numerous posts, and you can also detach any files you want.

10. WP Filebase Download Manager

You can add here some well built download manager along with its widgets, sorted file list, download counter, file categories, and other things that you can post in your WordPress blog.

11. Un-attach and Re-attach Media Attachment

It will let you to re-attach and remove the images and some attachments in the page of your media library.

12. COP PDF Attachment Menu

You must add here some short code like pdfmenu and some widgets which is default in showing unordered lists of pdf’s attachment in the present post or page.