12 Good WordPress Plugins to Download

WordPress Plugins Guide

How To Optimize The Functionality Of Your Website Using WordPress Plugins

Similar to other technology based applications and programs when WordPress began there were only a few users. Over the years, WordPress has transformed and grown into the largest blogging tool in the world now accessing millions of people on a continuous basis. WordPress is self-hosted and tends to be utilized by millions of websites all across the world.

What can you use WordPress for? WordPress initially began as a way to enhance the typography of ordinary writing. WordPress can be used by anyone for any particular reason. Do you want to create a home page for your beloved dog? Are you considering starting a webpage to showcase your do it yourself projects? Do you work for a large corporation and want to help redesign their website?

Regardless of whether you want to create a rather simple or an extraordinarily extravagant webpage WordPress is here to assist you. Due to WordPress unique customizations, WordPress can be used for just about anything.

WordPress originally started as a simple blogging system, but over the years it has evolved into more of a management system. WordPress features thousands of plugins and widgets to help you create an exceptional webpage.

What exactly are WordPress plugins? WordPress plugins consist of a program or set of functions that adds a specific feature or set of features to the WordPress weblog. Since WordPress plugins can enhance the performance of your blog, you need to figure out which plugins are essential for your WordPress site.

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Let’s take a look at a variety of plugins WordPress has to offer? Cache plugins typically increase site speed and blocks your server from overloading. W3 Total Cache is utilized by top web portals to improve their site performance ten-fold.

SEO plugins allows you to enhance your overall site structure and tags to help improve your ranking in search engine optimization.

Social bookmarking plugins enables visitors to share your content on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure your website is properly protected by utilizing plugins which aid in login protection. These plugins stop hackers because a limited number of login attempts are allotted before being locked out. Once a potential hacker is locked out of the login system you will be notified.

Does your website content keep your visitors engaged? If you want to optimize communication on your website you need to develop a state-of-the-art comment system. Tools such as Intense Debate and Disqus enable video sharing and polls which helps to engage visitors in your online community.

Backup plugins is like insurance for your website. So make sure your database and files are backed up on your cloud or email.

Have you recently changed your URL and wonder if this will affect the number of people who visit your website? No need to worry URL management plugins forwards old URLs to your new URL.

Are you interested in downloading all of the essential WordPress plugins? Don’t single handedly download each plugin separately instead download a plugin bundle. Plugin bundles offer the benefits of multiple tools with one simple download. Download plugins that will best suit your purposes and enhance the functionality of your blog or website.