12 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog Posts

Promoting Your Blog Post

You Wrote A New Blog Post, Now What?

Congratulations! You just finished writing a shiny new post and you are eager to get it posted so your subscribers can see your work. However, before you submit your post hot off the press, there are some tips you should take into consideration in order to make sure your post is noticed by your ideal clientele.

Optimize Your Keywords

You will want to make sure your blog post is keyword optimized. When you aren’t familiar with these fancy technical terms, it can seem scary. However, it is actually quite simple. Google Adwords has a convenient tool (it’s free!) that lets you type in your content’s main topic and it will tell you the most popular search terms. Use these new phrases and wording to place in your post and the title of your post to be keyword optimized.

Organize Your Content

You need to organization your content. This is the time to realize the power of your RSS feed. It allows your blog post and content to be available to many social networking sites. This helps by increasing your reading volume and exposure. Double win right? Make sure your RSS feed is enabled and watch it work its magic.

Tired of that really long URL on your social networking sites? So are your customers. Shorten the URL on your posts when using social networking media, trust me it’s a smart move. You can use shortening services such as Cli.gs or Bit.ly.

Make Status Updates

Strategize your status updates. Rather than just placing your post title in your status update, modify is so that it is unique to the community and seems more relevant. This will help you get more links.

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Implement Teasers to Your Viewers

Use teasers to draw in readers. You can do this by posting a captivating headline or intriguing question on your social media sites, followed by a short snippet of information, and the link where the reader can find more information. Another way to draw in readers is to ask their opinions about a topic relating to your article.

Bookmark Your Post

Go bookmark your blog post. Bookmarking your site on social bookmarking site such as Reddit and StumbleUpon is a great way to increase your traffic. By becoming an involved member of the site, you will develop more followers, and of course, readers.

Develop Relationships

Develop relationships with your fellow peers. You can comment on other blogs and build relationships as well as benefiting when you add backlinks. You can also develop relationships by offering your blog post to those who have questions that your blog post answers. You can ask your fellow bloggers to mention you in their blogs. This is a great give-and-take option. You mention them, they mention you, and you both benefit from more exposure.

Add to Your Signature

Add your new blog post title to your email signature. Some handy apps like Wisestamp will do this for your automatically. Also, share your new blog post with the targeted audience. You can do this through e-mail or social media sites. Do you have a newsletter? If so, add your new post to the newsletter in order to tell your readers.

Now you know what is important to do after you have written a new blog post article. While it might seem like some unnecessary added work, you will be amazed how just a few small steps can increase your traffic and make it easier for your current readers to be informed of your new blog content.