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Writing Better Content

How To Develop Quality Content For Websites

Most search engine gurus proclaim “content is king” but creating quality and interesting content is not an easy task. In this article some of the guidelines that should be followed for generating content for websites are provided. These include the different stages of content development from basic research to summarizing the developed content for distribution in social media.

Before starting writing the content, the writer should be aware of the purpose of the website and page for which the content is being written, as the relevance of the website content can vary significantly depending on the geographic location of the visitors. Branding guidelines for the website, if any, should be taken into consideration. For websites used for lead generation or selling a product or service, the money keywords should be included if the content has to rank well in search engines.

The content will be useful only if it solves a problem, provides a solution or is needed for any requirement. The visitor profile should be taken into consideration as well as their pressure points , the features which they feel are particularly interesting.

Social media can be used to conduct a discreet survey and get feedback from customers so that the content is relevant to the target audience. The writer should be aware of the advantages of the product or service compared to similar products or services offered by competitors and highlight the same in the article. The writer can include past results achieved as proof of quality.

Initially, it is advisable to write a draft and have someone else read it, to give the writer feedback and suggestions for improvement. A second person can read out the draft to the writer, to make it easy to spot mistakes which were missed out earlier. The content should be written in such a way that reader fatigue should be reduced. This can be done by breaking up the content into sections with sub headings for easy reading.

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After the content has been developed, the writer should impartially evaluate the content and ensure that it provides the highest possible conversion rates. The content should be interesting and keep the visitors involved, so that they visit the website repeatedly, helping in lead generation. The content should then be edited and proofread to remove any spelling and grammatical mistakes. Links to other relevant content should be included in the website for visitors looking for additional information.

Some search engines may penalize content that is over optimized, so this should be avoided. Care should be taken to ensure that the content is natural and does not contain technical jargon which cannot be easily understood by the layman. For marketing the content in social media, the most interesting aspects of the content should be highlighted. The same steps have to be repeated for content creation on other topics.