14 Best Free WordPress Constant Contact Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Constant Contact Plugins

1. Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WP

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription for WP

2.Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon

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When you want to make your WordPress website interactive and let your visitors have an easy time signing up on your newsletter, it is best that you use any of the best free WordPress constant contact plugins. In this way, you are assured that you can improve your email marketing strategy and make it possible to reach out to your contact list.

The following are some of the best free WordPress constant contact plugins that you can try:

1. Constant Contact Signup Form
It is a WordPress plugin that is designed for Constant Contact emailers.

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2. Fast Secure Contact Form Newsletter
With using this, your visitors can add any of your submissions easily to any of your fixed email marketing lists with Constant Contact.

3. Contact Form 7 Integrations
This is the one that provides analytics, database and software integrations made for Contact Form 7

4. Contact Form 7 Newsletter
With this plugin, you can add in email marketing with the Contact Form 7 plugin you have. Whenever users will try to contact you, the users will be added to your list of contacts for sending your newsletter!

5. Optin Revolution- a WordPress Popup
It is also known to be a Supercharged Popup Plugin used within WordPress. This is considered to be the best way of creating unique and unblockable WordPress popups that is sure to let your subscribers’ list grow.

6. Mail Subscribe List
This is a simple yet customizable plugin that can display names or email forms where any visitors can submit necessary information. It can be managed within the WordPress admin.

7. Magic Action Box
With this plugin, you can display various professional-looking opt-in contact forms and even display feature boxes within the site.

8. Constant Contact for WordPress
With this fully-featured plug-in, you are assured that you can make use of the plugin to improve your website.

9. Shopp + Constant Contact
For customers who would choose email marketing from your e-commerce WordPress website whenever they checkout, this plugin will make these customers added to any specified list on your Constant Contact.

10. Constant Contact WordPress Widget
This is the one that you should put on your website when you want to add any signup forms within your website, whether it is in a content or sidebar and even configure how the forms look.

11. Constant Contact
If you want a widget signup form placed on the sidebar of your website, then it is the plugin that you should get.

12. GD Constant Contact Shortcodes
This is the app that you can use for sticking shortcodes into several pages or any posts that you add in your site for updating the Constant Contact newsletter lists that you have.

13. WP-Leads
It is the plugin that will let you integrate both WordPress forms for registration and comments with MailChimp, SalesForce.com and Constant Contact seamlessly.

14. WP-DreamLists
As you subscribe to Dreamhost, your lists will be announced through widgets. It will also enable you to view and manage the lists, and to send HTML emails to contacts included in the list.

It is necessary that you are aware of some of the best free WordPress constant contact plugins that you can use with your website, to find the option that will help in improving your strategy with email marketing.