14 Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Pagination Plugins

1. Easy Pagination for WordPress

Easy Pagination for WordPress Premium Plugin

2. Next Post Fly Box For WordPress

Wordpress Fly Box Pagination Plugin

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The WordPress pagination Plugins will allow you to turn your long pages and posts into excellent slideshows that will grab the attention of all your viewers and readers. You can also choose from a variety of transitions that include vertical slider, fade and horizontal slider with an easing effect. Here are the WordPress pagination Plugins that you can choose from.

1. WP SEO Paginate

This kind of plugin will provide you with a simple and better navigation interface that you will truly love.


2. Automatically Paginate Posts

This will allow you to automatically paginate your posts by simply inserting the !–nextpage– into your WordPress that includes posts, pages and custom type of content.

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3. BH Pagination

This is considered as one of the simple pagination plugins that are commonly used in WordPress template.

4. Listicle

This kind of plugin will help you create paginated lists wherein all the items are in a form of bulleted post.

5. TW Pagination

This is a kind of pagination that is flexible and simple that provides the user with a better navigation on their WordPress site.

6. Simple User Rank Comments

This will display and create your user rank title that is based on their comment count.

7. Adjustly Nextpage

This will allow your WordPress to function with the page break in your pages and posts.

8. Easy Comments Paginate

This plugin will allow you to create an exceptional animated pagination that you can be used in your comments.

9. U More Recent Posts

This kind of pagination plugin will give you the ability to navigate your recent posts without clicking the refresh button.

10. Gallery Pagination for WordPress

This plugin will give you the opportunity to display your photo gallery on multiple pagination galleries and multiple pages from your WordPress site.

11. Auto Pagination

This plugin involves the generation of endless scrolling and allows the user to enjoy what they are reading and append new pages.

12. Quick Pagination

The plugin will provide you with some features in order to make your pagination look pleasant and clean.

13. Jui Pagination

It is considered as one of the basic paginations that will enable you to generate static and numeric navigation with your pages and it is compatible with all of the latest browsers.

14. Bootstrap Pagination

This is also considered as one of the professional plugins that efficiently and effectively work with Bootstrap and Twitter. It can be used as a standalone element in other projects.

The pagination plugin is considered as one of the best parts of the integral website nowadays that provide users with comfort and enjoyment that they truly deserve. It is also responsible for creating modern and stylish scrolling effects on your website. If you are truly interested to know more about the WordPress Pagination Plugins, just feel free to browse the internet and download the best pagination plugin that will suit all your website needs. Rest assured that you will enjoy all the features of WordPress Pagination Plugin that you will choose.