17 Types of Content Marketing Pieces use in Promotion

The Role of Content Marketing for SEO

What You Need To Know And Do About SEO Content Marketing

With so much continuous quality in searches and quality updates that target both off site and on site signals, content that is high quality is always a vital element of long term SEO strategies. Quality content by itself is definitely not enough in today’s extremely competitive environment online. A content marketing strategy that is comprehensive is always the key to sustainable SEO.

There are a few things you should know about SEO and marketing. You should consider what the industry thinks, first. 76 percent of SEO companies invest in content creation on a regular basis.

92 percent of SEOs believe that creation of content is very effective for SEO. In contrast, a mere 40 percent say that white papers are effective.

You should also think about the content that marketers send the most time creating and producing. Guides, social media posting and blog posts are the most popular forms of content forms that are created. Podcasts and audio posts are the least popular.

Social Impact

The social impact of the content you create is also a very important thing to think about. Creation of content should be top quality and the promotion of the content should encourage sharing across social media sites. This is what is fast becoming the most recognized ranking factor across multiple search engines.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Tweets are what help to index Google content faster. Bing uses Likes on Facebook as a ranking factor. On Google, +1s are a big ranking factor.

Adding Links

Links to content are included in one in five social media messages. 90 percent of search marketers think that social signals on different pages significantly increase rankings.

72 percent of SEOs participate in social marketing as a part of their day to day work. What social channels are the most popular and effective with search marketers? Facebook and Twitter are the main ones.

Give Quality

Brand signals, conversions and content are important. Quality content is much more likely to be shared, whereas natural links and brand mentions increase exponentially.

About 27 million different pieces of content online are shared over the web through blogs, content aggregation sites, social media and email every day in 2012. 60 percent of content specific to industries mention a brand name in shared content.

Well researched, quality and promoted content produce the most scalable natural links. These links are limited only by the level of interest around the content, unlike the more traditional SEO methods that usually only build one link at a time.

Gain Natural Links

Remember that the vast majority of natural links are gained generally with brand name links. This increases your brand signals on Google and makes you more of an authority in your specific niche.

Remember all these tips when you are planning your SEO content marketing plan. It will greatly help.