2 Free Automotive WordPress Themes

There are so many different wordpress themes to choose from that sometimes the options can be a bit overwhelming. The way that you can narrow down your options is to choose a theme that is related to your specific niche. If you are creating a blog or site that is dedicated to cars and automotive topics, you need to begin by choosing from the best free automotive wordpress themes.

WordPress themes can be broken down into categories and if you begin by choosing the niche market for your site, you will be sure to choose a theme that has the layout and features that matter most. There are a number of free automotive wordpress themes that can be the perfect way to design your site. Here are some of the best free automotive wordpress themes that you can choose from.

1. CarZone


This is a theme for automotive sites that is extremely popular. It offers a layout that is designed to be professional, but also really clean and simple. It is not overly cluttered or jumbled. This minimalist style is really popular for automotive sites out right now. It is compatible with all the newest versions of wordpress, which makes it one of the most convenient choices. It has an options page that is easy to use and comes with banners that are ready. It even offers a comments features that you can add to your site.

2. SUVZone


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This is another really popular free automotive wordpress theme that will allow you to design some type of car site with ease. No matter what type of automotive site or blog you might have, this theme could be the perfect solution. It has an attractive and simple design that gives you customizable options. This means that you can change the background and font to create just the look that you desire for your website.

The features that come with this wordpress theme include image ready, which allows you to upload all types of images with ease. It is also a theme that is designed to be widget ready and is SEO optimized. This means that having more visibility online for your site should be possible with little effort. All of the features that matter most with an automotive wordpress theme are attainable with SUVZone for no cost.

These are two of the best themes that you can choose for your automotive site.

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