21 Best WordPress Plugins for Businesses

Wordpress Plugins for Business

The Top WordPress Plugins For Business

Is WordPress used as your marketing strategy? Are you currently employed by a business or company which utilizes WordPress to improve the quality of their website? If you answered yes to any of these questions your aware that marketing technology focuses on WordPress’s ability to enhance both the overall presentation and performance of your website.

As you examine the marketing technology blogs top WordPress plugins for business in 2013 you will come to the realization that analytic plugins, content based plugins, search plugins, and social plugins are of grave importance. Let’s take a look into the purpose underlying these major plugins.

Google analytic plugins makes tracking your website much easier by automatically keeping count of outbound clicks, page views, and views for a specific author or category.

Content plugins feature advanced custom fields. These fields can be modified and are easily implemented. When the administration of your website is simple you have the ability to customize your website accordingly.

Akismet helps to protect your blog against comment and trackback spam. Remember to report your spam.

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Formstack plugins require you to provide the shortcode for your content and allows you to easily insert web forms.

Are you trying to get around WordPress but have encountered a few problems? Teleport adds hidden keyboard shortcuts that help you navigate around WordPress with just two taps.

Are you constantly on your mobile device? Would you like to access WordPress and make changes to your website from your mobile device? No need to worry as WordPress now features WPtouch Pro to help you build a high quality mobile theme from your Apple iPhone, Blackberry OSG, Google Android, iPad, or iPod Touch.

WordPress search plugins include Cookillian, WordPress SEO, and WP Robots Txt. Cookillian plugin observes and regulates international cookies by providing support for EU/UK compliance of the EC cookie directory.

WordPress SEO is the first solution to help optimize your search engine results through the provision of authorship, page content analysis, and XML sitemaps. WP Robots Txt plugins allows you to edit your robots.txt file from the WordPress administration.

Social plugins such as Co-Authors Plus, Disqus, Facebook, and Jetpack enhances the quality of your blog website. Co-Authors Plus gives users the opportunity to collaborate on your blog. This plugin allows multiple users to be assigned to your post at one time.

Disque plugin links your WordPress comment system to your comments posted on social media websites.

Facebook plugin allows you to share information on the most popular social media website. This plugin gives you the ability to publish on a Facebook page.

Jetpack plugin connects your blog to a WordPress account thus enabling you to utilize the features only accessible to WordPress users.

Improve your websites functioning today by employing marketing technology blogs top WordPress plugins for business.