3 Best Free WordPress Backlink Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Backlink Plugins

1. Website Sponsorship

Wordpress Backlink Plugin

2. WPLinkTrade

Backlink WordPress Plugin

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Backlinks or inbound links are necessary in all kinds of websites. These links make a website more reliable and competitive in the eyes of the organizers of search engines that are looking for excellent websites to posts in the first page of their search results. Backlinks can be collected from other existing websites in the internet. And some of it can be generated with the use of some powerful tools created by expert web developers. A backlink becomes more useful in a website or web page when it is relevant to the posted contents. Therefore, the collection process for these links must be very strict in quality.

However, the process of collecting backlinks should not focus only on the quality. There are times that the quantity must be considered also. More relevant backlinks in a website means more chance to dominate the other websites faster and much easier. To make the backlink collection process much easier, web developers should try to use the following WordPress backlink plugins in their websites:

Extreme SEO

This is a WordPress plugin that will link a website to the back links of other websites that are containing the same contents and subjects from the website where it was installed. The back links will be linked to the website of the plugin user with the use of special networks. The websites which will be linked to the site of the user of this WordPress plugin will open on a separate window once opened by the visitors. This WordPress plugin will not only help a website to gain more backlinks from other websites. But also, it can improve the ranking of a website in search engines as the number of collected backlinks starts to increase.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

The top rated blogging podcast on iTunes is hosted by Brandon Gaille. He built his blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months, and he shares his secret strategies in his award winning podcast. Listen to the Latest Episodes Right Now.

Ultimate Blogroll

This one is also an efficient WordPress backlink plugin that can help websites to occupy higher ranks positions in the search results of search engines. The websites that are equipped with this WordPress plugin can engage in the process of link trade. Link trade allows web developers to share their backlinks with one another. And this WordPress plugin can do that for them once installed on their websites. Ultimate Blogroll will make websites more interesting in the eyes of its viewers by adding more contents to share on the latest posts. Just like the other examples of WordPress backlinks plugins, this one is free and can be downloaded by several web developers anytime and anywhere.

Display Links by Category

This WordPress plugin can help web developers to display all their inbound links in a category. There’s a need to set custom fields in a website make sure that its inbound links will be displayed categorically. With the help of this backlink, web developers can easily organize their newly constructed websites. And it will also increase traffic in their website while protecting and organizing the old and new backlinks in several categories. Display Links by Category is already available in the internet nowadays and it can be downloaded also for free.