3 Best Free WordPress Catalog Plugins

Improving the functionality of your website is very important especially in the very competitive industry of today. With the competition getting steeper and steeper, it is a good idea to make use of the best tools possible to boosting your site. These tools certainly include the best free WordPress catalog plugins that you can use to improve your website.

Few of the best free WordPress catalog plugins that will surely improve the standing and the performance of your website in popular search engines include the following:

1. Catablog

Catablog is known as one of the most well known plugins provided by WordPress. This plugin from WordPress is a totally free product, which sustains the presentation of services and products from a particular company through a superb catalog format.

Another great thing from this plugin is that is has been translated to be available in 5 different languages. The product is able to support extended product descriptions, photos to display your products, searches, and several links for extended product pages. This is the product of the overall efforts exerted by Zachary Segal, who is known as one of the popular WordPress technicians. He also contributed a lot of revisions and improvement to WordPress’ products. The Plugin enables users from cataloging their most appealing posts, which are intended from being shared on their blog in the very simple, yet elegant gallery.

Users who have this fine example WordPress catalog plugins may upload their individual images within their sites in a faster manner. It is extremely functional within the process of protecting titles, descriptions and links from the web that can be stored in their individual catalogs.

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Aside from that, using this product will also enable you from categorizing, filtering and organizing your catalog products in various codes really easily. It is a WordPress plugin that also enables you from displaying your images in high quality of resolution with the application of the lightbox effect. This is to make it flawless for plain galleries.

2. Cartalog

This plugin is another tool from WordPress helping you improve your site’s functionality. This is a free WordPress plugin, which enables a certain business from displaying its services and products in the website page that is primarily chosen by the owner.

You can also upgrade it and turn it to Cartalog Pro plugin. Upgrading this plugin will lead to increased customization, which will offer you the chance to make the most of the more inclusive variety of product lines to your viewers. Just like Catablog, Cartalog plugin is also capable of providing ultimate performance, which is unmatched by any other brands.

3. Spider WordPress Catalog

This is another great WordPress catalog plugin that you can find online. With the great features offered by this plugin, it is a tool that you should never forget. It offers great convenience to users, as it can be conventionally used to organize the items displayed on a site with the use of catalogs. Every product within the catalog would be assigned to the related category, which makes it easier for your visitors to identify and locate their required products in the catalog.

With the advantages offered by these WordPress catalog plugins, you must not forget to use them for your website.