3 Best Free WordPress Feedback Plugins

Feedback plugins are perfect as they make it easier for visitors to leave their actionable, targeted and specific feedback about the content of a WordPress site. More so, feedback plugins are useful in gathering suggestions, features, and feedback requests from the users.

Total Feedback

This feedback plugin is useful in asking visitors about certain questions and in getting valuable data for increased conversions. This is the missing piece of the analytics software that one has. This further eliminates guesswork as it lets one of asking them why they do not sign up on the newsletter.

More so, this feedback plugin is the real solution in creating unlimited questions and surveys without hidden or recurring payments. In Total Feedback, there are a lot of things to get such as unlimited polls, poll management, poll analytics, precise control on the polls, free-text responses, demographics, WordPress installation and data control.

ACME Feedback

This feedback plug in is activated by using the right or left side tab. The only thing to do is to move the cursor on the screen and wait until it activates. Afterwards, close it and click the Feedback tab. A survey that has five questions will pop up with the widget on the left side.

Once the survey is already completed, the JavaScript or html can be displayed. The benefits and features are excellent. In fact, creating surveys is possible where customers are asked five questions with the use of survey feature. Surveys are made by means of multiple choice or text answers.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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SEO is also improved as visitors are attracted to stay in the site by showing the most famous posts, playing video or asking questions. The time they spend in visiting the website is increased and the bounce rate is decreased.

Apart from it, the site revenue is increased with the use of the text widget and affiliate banner. Questions can be asked about the product that is being promoted. The display of video is not difficult as the popup is used to display widget from the left side. It is better to thank users and invite them regarding the free bonus that they will get after they have completed the survey.

With the use of the text widget, an option form can be displayed or added at the last part of the survey. A download for free can be offered to users as they answer the many questions. Better yet, add an optin code at the end part of the survey.

Apart from it, the feedback plugin is fully customizable that makes it easier to change css, borders and popup colors and add customized headers. Customized tabs can be created for visitors to be encouraged.

WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager-Pro

This WordPress plugin helps in collection surveys and feedbacks and hosting quizzes in the WordPress blog. With the use of this plug in, it is possible to create limitless forms along customized themes and to collect submissions. All submissions are stocked up in the database that let you analyze, print or edit them. Registered users are provided with an option to monitor their submission on the page.