3 Best Free WordPress File Upload Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium File Upload Plugins

1. Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Ajax Multiple File Upload

2. Real Ajax Uploader for WordPress

Real Ajax Uploader for WordPress

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Best free WordPress file upload plugins are now available in the collections of WordPress. These plugins are very reliable and efficient when it comes to the process of file uploading in a certain website or web page. Each example of file upload plugin contains unique features and remarkable performance. And of course, all of the examples of these plugins are downloadable in the official website of WordPress for free. Therefore, the individuals who will try to download and use these plugins in their own websites will no longer be required to pay several amounts of money to WordPress just to enjoy its unbeatable benefits and excellent performance.

The following are the best examples of best free WordPress file upload plugins that can be found in the internet nowadays:

N-Media File Uploader Plugin

Installing this plugin in a website will allow its users to upload several kinds of files in its admin. The uploaded files will be saved automatically in the private directory of the website to make sure that its users can still delete their own files when needed in the future. What are the features of this plugin as one of the leading products of WordPress? Some of the basic features of the PRO version of this product include download files, delete files, flash uploader, file detail, customized upload messages and many others.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Inline Upload

With the use of this WordPress plugin, an individual can easily take the contents of any pages that are present in other websites as new files which will be uploaded in a newly constructed website with the use of short codes. It is very easy to use. The plugin can generate several kinds of short codes that can be attached on the contents of any WordPress page. When the short codes are already attached in the target contents, the selected contents can be uploaded already in one of the directories that are available in the wp-contents of a new website.

WordPress File Upload

The files coming from other web pages and sites can be automatically uploaded into a newly created website with the use of this famous WordPress plugin for file uploads. The new WordPress file upload plugin was made even better compared to the other examples of file upload plugins in the internet nowadays. This WordPress plugin can be downloaded also in the official website of WordPress products for free.

WordPress file upload plugin needs shortcodes to upload the files of other sites and web pages to a new website where it was installed. The files will be uploaded in one of the directories of the WP-content of a new website when this WordPress plugin was used by the developer of the new website. Some of the remarkable characteristics of this WordPress plugin include localization of all the files which will be uploaded in a certain website. A file browser is present in its features to guide its users while searching for the recent uploaded files. Notification messages and emails will be sent to its users when new changes and upgrades are meant to be installed.