3 Best Free WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Google Analytics Plugins

1. gAnalytics – Google Analytics WordPress Plugin


2. Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress

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WordPress plugins are very useful in the process of improving the overall performance and appearance of a website in search engines. With the use of these plugins, a web developer can easily take a website in the first page of the search results of a search engine without spending too much effort. In the present time, one of the most popular types of WordPress plugins that web developers can download in the internet are the Google analytics plugins. What will happen to a website if this kind of WordPress plugin was installed in its interface? WordPress Google analytics plugins will decorate the web pages of a website with the tracking scripts of Google analytics once it was installed in it.

The following are the examples of best free WordPress Google analytics plugins that web developers should not ignore in the online market nowadays:

Google Analyticator

This plugin is perfect for the websites that are containing WordPress blogs. It disappeared in the list of the plugin collections of WordPress these past few months. But now, it’s back and ready to be downloaded by all the individuals that are interested to use it. Google Analyticator is a WordPress plugin that can enable Google analytics on a WordPress blog with the use of JavaScript codes. Google analytics logging is already much easier to perform in the WordPress blogs that are containing this WordPress plugin because template editing was eliminated already by this Google analytics plugin. Several kinds of widgets for the admin and actual blogs of a website are available in the features of this plugin to make sure that the Analytics data are always present on the display settings of a website.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Simple Google Analytics

This is one of the best free WordPress plugins the web developers can use in their websites. Simple Google analytics can add Google analytics codes in the different web pages of a website. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin that can place Google analytics codes on the header and footer of a website. The new Google analytics SiteSpeed option is now available in its latest version to make sure that the presence of Google Analytics in a website will be very visible in the eyes of all of its users. The plugin serves as the successor of the Google Analytics Input plugin which was created by Roy Duff in the past.

Google Analytics for WordPress

This is a special plugin of WordPress that can help web developers to track their WordPress blogs easily. It can provide several amounts of metadata in all of the blogs where it will be used as an additional plugin. Some of the features of this WordPress plugin include simple installation. Google Analytics for WordPress is equipped with the fastest and most efficient tracking codes that Google analytics can offer to all the internet users. And these tracking codes are commonly known as asynchronous Google Analytics tracking codes. This WordPress plugin can track the released registration and login forms in a website. It has a full debug mode option when debugging process is needed to be performed.