3 Best Free WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Google Maps Plugins

1. Map List Pro – Searchable Google Maps

Map List Pro

2. Responsive Google Maps

Responsive Google Maps

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Google Maps are necessary in an online marketing website that promotes several kinds of local businesses to many people. Once the properties of this search website of Google are integrated in the site of an online business, many clients and consumers will be able to locate it easily. Google maps can make a website more interesting eyes of those people who love to travel in other places. Besides, the clients can easily find the exact location of their target local businesses in a certain place with the use of this search website/plugin for online businesses. The following are some of the examples of best free WordPress Google maps plugins that businessmen can use in improving the performance of their newly constructed websites for their local businesses:

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

This WordPress plugin for Google maps is very simple yet intuitive. A very elegant Google maps plugin that can install short codes and widgets in a certain website. Its creators described comprehensive Google map plugin as a fully documented WordPress plugin that functions efficiently in improving the web trafficking process of a website for local businesses. This is a powerful plugin that has an unlimited functionality. And its plugin editions are already unlimited also.

The full version of this WordPress Google maps plugin is free and complete with all of the necessary features to increase its functionality. The individuals who will use this WordPress plugin for their new local business website will no longer receive poorly rendered maps for their latest accomplishments and promotions. The interface of this WordPress plugin is very convenient to use. In fact, its users can easily configure several kinds of Google maps in its interface. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin has a reliable short code builder in its interface where short codes can be generated faster for the latest posts and pages of a website.

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WP Google Map Plugin

This WordPress plugin displays Google maps easily on any web page with the use some short codes. The Google maps that this WordPress plugin can offer in the websites of its users are already equipped with latitude and longitude. In addition to that, markers are already unlimited in the new editions of Google maps that can be found in this plugin of WordPress. Such markers can be used by its users to mark the location of their new local business in Google maps easily without worrying about the latitudes and longitudes in its displays. This plugin can automatically determine the exact latitude and longitude of the location of a local business in Google maps when its users have provided the exact locations of their new establishments in its interface.

WP Google Maps

This is the best plugin for those individuals who want to optimize the performance of an ordinary WordPress Google map plugin in their websites. This new Google maps plugin of WordPress can created customized high quality maps for a newly created local business website that are already complete with links, images, descriptions and markers that contain the exact locations of local businesses posted in it.