3 Best Free WordPress Header Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Header Plugins

1. Wp Header Bar – WordPress Notification Bar

Wp Header Bar - WordPress Notification Bar

2.Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars

Foobar - WordPress Notification Bars

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If you are maintaining a WordPress site, you will certainly agree that plugins are essential for boosting the performance, efficiency and functionality of your site. There are several types of plugins for WordPress having their distinct and specialized functions and one of these are header plugins. The Best Free WordPress Header Plugins are now widely available and using these entails many surprising benefits to users. These plugins also help you monetize from your site and fulfill other online goals that you have set.

There are several free header plugins that you can consider but make sure that the plugin you opt to use is perfectly compatible to your WordPress themes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the following Best Free WordPress Header Plugins can help you achieve ideal navigation, compatibility and more:

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Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

This is one of the Best Free WordPress Header Plugins that enable users to add more scripts to the blog’s header and footer by means of hooking with wp_footer and wp_head. This simple plugin also allows you to particular scripts to WordPress site including Google Analytics without much effort. The simple interface of this header plugin provides you with a single space where you can put in all of the scripts. This is far better than dealing with numerous plugins.

Genesis Simple Headers Plugin

These free header plugin for WordPress focuses on header functionality in uploading header or custom logo for the site utilizing Genesis Theme. This also allows individuals to utilize the WordPress appearance. If you have the desire for the easiest way of updating your logo or header, the Genesis Simple Headers plugin is an ideal choice.

Sticky Header

This particular plugin allows users to put in sticky header to any given WordPress theme. Many internet users would agree that navigation is one of the crucial components of websites. With Sticky Header plugin, you are guaranteed with quicker navigation. This plugin does not just improve user experience and increase satisfaction of site visitors but this also works on branding at the same time. The longer your exclusive branding stays, the higher the possibility of being remembered and recognized in the future.

These best free WordPress header plugins can certainly do wonder to your site. With the help of this tool, users are can do almost everything more than they can imagine. There are arrays of downloadable header plugins that promise to provide you with significant change especially when accurately and properly utilized. Gone are the days that reading contents on site, exploring and navigating them with difficulties because the best free WordPress header plugins will now do the job for you.

Generally speaking, all WordPress plugins including then header plugins allow easy and hassle free customization and modification. These plugins are the most recommended tools for the complete enhancement of your WordPress site. Maintaining a website and managing its content is not that easy. The availability of WordPress plugins like header plugins gives you relief and peace of mind knowing that you can deal with your site’s requirements with ease.