3 S’s of Writing Successful Blog Entries

Components of Writing a Successful Blog Post

The Three S’s Of Successful Content

There are three S’s to the most successful content. These are snack-able, shareable and searchable. This article will discuss these different components.

1. Searchable Content

First is searchable. As consumer dependency on searches continues to increase, leading agencies and brands are committing more and more to resources and creating content for different prospects in finding what they need.

115 billion is the average monthly searches on Google alone, worldwide. 10.4 is the number of sources online that customers consult when they are making a purchase decision. 85 percent is the percentage of time in which the digital journey begins, with a search.

Searchable content is content that can capture the pain and passion points of a customer. Additionally, it is optimized with keywords that are trending. This boosts the content’s search ranking.

2. Easy to Digest Information

Snack-able is the second component. Customer demands for on the go information has made bite size, catchy, easily digestible pieces of information the most popular.

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65 percent of people are mainly visual learners. Eight seconds is the amount of time of the average attention span of an adult surfing the web. 3,000 is the number of brand impressions that people see each and every day.

Snack-able content is meant to be made for the busy customer who is needing answers to questions at a moment’s notice. When it is done correctly, snack-able content will leave the customer eager and hungry for more.

3. Sharability

Shareable is the third component. As companies are working to develop relevant content marketing programs, users are engaging in different ways. User engagement is fast becoming the primary indicator of success. Marketers always need to be asking if the content they are creating is something that their audience will want to share on social media platforms.

2.7 billion is the number of comments and likes that are on Facebook each and every day. 51 percent is the number of best in class companies who are utilizing social sharing tools on their web pages. 5.89 million is the number of the highest recorded shares that are received by a brand for Google’s Project Glass announcement.

Shareable content can serve as the root of discussions across many social channels. This type of content can be compelling enough for a reader to be able and want to share with their networks of followers and friends.

There are many different things to consider when it comes to the creation of successful and efficient content. These are just a few of very many. Those who are responsible for content creation such as marketers and designers should always think about these three S’s when creating their content for their web pages. Searchable, snack-able and shareable components of your content are the keys to making it as effective as possible.