30 Power Words that Increase Clicks and Conversions

Using Power Words

Selling Your Words With Power Words

If you are writing your marketing copy to be sold, you will want to consider a few things. In regards to writing copy for a small business and their marketing materials, the words that you are choosing really do matter immensely.

So what exactly are power words, you ask? Power words are very compelling. They can trigger emotions in our brain that may not otherwise be triggered. It is important that the correct word be used so that you can grab the attention of your target reader and then persuade them into taking action.

How to Use Power Words

How can you properly use Power Words? We all know that the first thing your reader will most likely see are the headlines. This is why you should always use power words in the headlines that you write. Also be sure to use them very sparingly in your copy as well.

So that you can figure out what words you will want to use, think about how you will want to make your reader feel. Also, why exactly should you use Power Words? Year after year it has been proven that power words do indeed have the power to increase your sales.

Examples of Power Words

The following are a few examples of Power Words that you can use in your writing. For words concerning saving money: cheap, win, money, save, bargain, reduced, free, lowest and bonus. For words that will guarantee: safe, easy, proven, risk free, delivers, lifetime and dependable.

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For words that deliver a sense of urgency: rare, immediately, quick, now, act, fast, hurry, deadline and limited. For words about quality: top, improved, best, exclusive, ultimate, professional and unique.

Of course, when it comes right down to it, the word that matters the most to anyone is always going to be you. The primary questions that your reader will always want to know is what exactly is in it for them?

How Will You Help Them

How exactly will your service or product benefit them and improve their life? This means that you should always write as if you are talking to just one particular individual that is a part of your target market rather than a mass crowd.

These are just a few of many ways that you can be sure you will be able to sell your words utilizing Power Words. Keep in mind the next time you are creating and writing material that will be sold that the words you are choosing are of utmost importance. You always need to be thinking about how the words are going to affect the individuals (specifically) within your target audience.

Always remember that people are not as interested in content that seems as if it is addressed to a crowd. They are always more compelled by material that sounds as if it is addressed specifically to them as an individual.