4 Best Free WordPress Auction Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Auction Plugins

1. WP Auctions

WP Auctions

2. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auctions

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Nowadays, many website owners are searching for a way in making their website more manageable and useful. It is significant to upgrade or enhance the appearance and function of a website in order to get more traffic and also to make it more popular to the internet users. The best free WordPress auction plugins allow the website owners to have an easy process in setting up a professional auction website just like the style they use in eBay. These are truly made flexible and simple that works in any WordPress theme. They actually contain plenty of features that will surely meet the needs and demands of all website owners. They are also made configurable and they have a powerful support.

These best free WordPress auction plugins have various features that can meet the interest of most website owners. These features are the following:

Pro-version features
• The admin of it has the ability to charge the list of fee that is needed by the users in posting an auction.
• It has the action post ability for the user’s registration.
• The admin of it can also charge some payment in the user’s auction final bid rate.
• It contains integrated PayPal invoicing that manages the payments.

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Core features
• It truly contains good management due to the presence of Ajax admin panel.
• Registered users can put some bids.
• They can upload lots of image of product.
• It has ready-to-use setting of payment.
• Has the ability to delete, end live, and edit auctions.

Display features
• This features contains auction feed page that illustrate quotation for live auctions.
• Can be used in several WordPress themes.
• It has pagination features that can be used in the feed page.
• Each auction page contains a comment section.

4 Best WordPress Auction Plugins

These are some of the best free WordPress auction plugins that can be used by all website owners that operate on a WordPress platform.

1. WordPress Auction Plugin
This auction plugin is very helpful because it will allow the website owners to add some powerful auction system in their WordPress blog. The registered users can utilize their credit in posting bid and auction. This is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress like WordPress Multi-User.

2. WP Auction
WP Auction contains well powered Ajax sidebar widget that can illustrate the auctions. It has a 5 style of color that can match with the appearance and design of blogs. This can also manage some auctions which are exclusively made for registered users. This auction can allow the website owners and bloggers to enter some shipping details and prices.

3. WordPress Auction Software
With this WordPress Auction Software, website owners and bloggers will never have problems in setting up their website auction and they can also monitor their bids with ease. This auction plugin contains a ready to use PayPal. It also has an editor for the shipping payment. The other feature of it is a fixed rate auctions and it can help in accessing the forum.

4. WP Auctions
It will give you the freedom in posting host auctions in your website or blog. You can also sell any product that you prefer, and you can do it without paying any charge because this is free. It has 5 style displays and it has an easy process of deleting, editing, and ending.