4 Best Free WordPress CRM Plugins


Most Recommended WordPress Premium CRM Plugins

1. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager Plugin

2. WordPress SugarCRM Integration

WordPress SugarCRM Integration Plugin

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Aside from user-friendliness, your site must be appealing, informative, and interactive. If you are maintaining a WordPress blog site or any other type of site, it is highly necessary that your site creates and establishes solid integration and reliable customer relations management system. The most excellent way to fulfill all these things for your site is to rely on the powers of the best free WordPress CRM Plugins.

WordPress CRM Plugins are useful for bloggers and developers for it aids in making professional data exporting and filtering, adding numbers of customers and properties, online reminders and i-feed calendars. These plugins also displays feature that improves any self-hosted site without changing the theme. Individuals can also take advantage of WordPress CRM Plugins as effective selling point. Individuals love the idea that effective WordPress CRM plugin is being utilized in conjunction with blogging system and all other activities and systems that are in need for CRM plugins.

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If you are well versed about the best free WordPress CRM Plugins, you are probably familiar with the following plugins:

1. WP-CRM WordPress Plugin

This Customer Relation Management Plugin for WordPress is primary intended for improving user management, creating contact forms and keeping track and record of incoming messages. WordPress already displays basic functions for user management. However, this plugin is responsible for expanding functionalities in such a way that it allows individuals to organize their users utilizing custom attributes, finding them utilizing filters and keeping path for correspondence.


The control panel of this plugin can be conveniently use in managing all customers, clients, affiliates and partners. The primary features of WP-CRM WordPress Plugin are excellent filtering, editing and user organization, ability to add fresh data attributes easily, dynamic chart representation having quantifiable data, note tracking and user activity.

2. User Avatar

This is also one of the best free WordPress CRM Plugin that is specifically intended for uploading traditional images for individual user. The upload and picture functions are under the “Special Actions” CRM pages when this plugin is fully activated.

3. WP Highrise

This plugin helps in generating forms that users can drop at any post and page. When visitors fill up these forms, the data will automatically be sent to them through email with the aid of Highrise signal account, so that they can record and manage information from their contacts or websites.

4. WICE Contact

This is also one of the best free WordPress CRM plug in that individuals can consider when building contact form that can be placed on websites. This plugin is responsible for sending data to WICE Customer Relation Management Groupware. This also adds contact persons and addresses automatically and starts new tickets for more contact management.

These are just few in the list of the best free WordPress CRM plugins that are worth considering. Individuals who are in need for plugin are advised to make extensive research and comparison about the features and functions. This is an excellent way to determine the best CRM plugin for WordPress for free that you actually need.