4 Best Free WordPress Dating Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Dating Plugins

1. Sweet Date – More than a WordPress Dating Theme

Sweet Date - More than a WordPress Dating Theme

2. LoveStory – Dating WordPress Theme

LoveStory - Dating WordPress Theme

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The use of websites to just about every industry has become very popular these days. With more and more people engaging to online activities, the development of many different forms of websites has also greatly increased. In this case, if you are working to build your own website, using the best free WordPress dating plugins must be included in your considerations for development.

With the use of the best free WordPress dating plugins, you may turn your present WordPress site or blog into a great site or produce a completely new site with the best dating format through the use of the new WordPress installation and the best WordPress dating plugin.

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The following are some of the best free WordPress dating plugins you may want to use:

1. Bangla Date Display

This WordPress dating plugin is a smart, easy and simple tool to utilize. Through the use of this very easy to use dating plugin in your WordPress site you could display Bangla, English (Gregorian) and Hijri date, current time, name of the day, different forms of monthly bangla calendar, Bangladesh current season’s name of and a lot more in Bangla language. The available options for displaying page or post’s default (English) time, comment count, date, dashboard numbers, archive calendar, and more in bangla language.

2. Artiss Relative Date

With this dating plugin, you can put relative dates in your posts. With relative dates, instead of displaying the accurate date of a certain post, you could say it was displayed “four day ago”. On the next day, this not will become “five days ago”. Originally, the plugin was named as WP Relative Date. This plugin has been built to display the relative dates as needed. Artiss Relative Date is based on the code from the several websites, but it has been developed and transformed to operate with WordPress.

All the relative dates are displayed for the maximum of two depths. They are not created to be 100 percent accurate, because of rounding. However, it provides the readers the idea how old a post is.

3. Order Delivery Date for WP e-Commerce

This dating plugin will enable a customer from choosing the delivery date on the site’s checkout page. A customer could select any date of delivery, which is after the present date. Order Delivery Date utilizes the in-built date picker, which is featured by WordPress. The date of delivery that is selected by a customer will be displayed to the website administrator, while simultaneously displaying the order below the section of “Additional Checkout Fields”.

4. Nyasro Nepali Date Converter

This date converter features a widget, which allows conversion of Nepali Date into English Date and vice versa. With Nyasro Nepali Date Converter, you will need to use specific shortcode either for displaying the present Nepali date or for converting English-Nepali date. This is possible anywhere in the pages or the post.

With the importance of dating in your blog/site posts, it is always a great idea to look into the availability of the best free WordPress dating plugins. So, don’t forget to include the above mentioned in your list of choices.