4 Best Free WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

There are so many examples of WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites in the internet at the present time. However, some of the plugins of WordPress are not actually efficient and more effective to use in e-commerce websites due to some reasons. There are so many things to consider in selecting the best one for web developers to use in their new e-commerce websites. Examples of the criteria that the interested individuals may use in evaluating their target examples of this plugins in the internet are the benefits, reviews and performance of each ecommerce plugin.

In this article, the most efficient examples of free WordPress e-commerce plugins will be discussed to guide web developers in improving their new e-commerce websites. The following are the most recommended WordPress e-commerce plugins that every people should try to use in e-commerce websites:

WP E-commerce

This WordPress plugin became popular in the internet for several years. And until now, many individuals are still downloading it because of its unbeatable performance. The plugin can be downloaded in the official website of WordPress. And this is being offered in the internet nowadays for free. It can be upgraded with the use of several add-ons that are included in its package. Some of the features of this WordPress plugin include controlled shipping calculations, Google checkout, PayPal, category RSS feeds and many others.


This plugin is included in the best collections of Woothemes. It is very popular in the field of web development industry because of its large selection of premium themes. And some of its themes were taken from the best collections of Woothemes. This plugin can be downloaded also for free and several extensions are already included in its package once purchased. WooCommerce have several features to share to all of its users such as controlled shipping and tax charges for online businesses, coupon codes, order management, inventory and product management, sales reports and many others.

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This is a premium plugin that can be used in e-commerce websites as an efficient e-commerce plugin. Shopp has existed for several years already. And many individuals are still downloading it because of its ever reliable features and performance. Just like the other examples of WordPress e-commerce plugins, this one has so many features also to showcase. Some of the features of this plugin from WordPress are email notifications, payment gateways, RSS feeds and many more. This plugin is best to use in websites that are promoting local businesses.


This plugin is one of the best free plugins of WordPress for e-commerce websites. Several kinds of premium extensions and themes are present in its standard package. The themes that are included in its package can be used by an individual to make an e-commerce website unique and trustworthy in the eyes of strict yet special clients. Some e-commerce websites will never be completed if the web developers will not spend their money for its needed tools. This kind of situation can be easily prevented already if web developers will always choose JigoShop in the list of e-commerce plugins to install in their new website.