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Blogging has become a known and widespread online activity today, and many individuals are getting interested with this activity regardless of age and gender. It is a given reality that this activity is in need of the best blogging tool in order to manage blog content well. Many bloggers are out doing their tasks and as expected, the demands for best free WordPress excerpt plugins also increases. Individuals are expecting something more from your site especially your content.

If you have the desire to manage your excerpts well in your WordPress theme, you can consider the best free WordPress Excerpt Plugins and these are as follows:

1. Advanced Excerpt Plug-in

This plug-in signifies improvement in the WordPress default excerpt. This plug in is responsible for keeping HTML excerpt and users are allowed to choose particular tags that are included, trimming excerpts to specific length with the use of word or character count. The advanced excerpt plug in also aids in counting only the real texts, customizing the length of the excerpt and the character‘s ellipsis, completing the sentences without weird cuts and ignoring custom excerpts. Theme developers and bloggers can use this plug-in to control the excerpts posted in your site.


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2. Easy-Custom Auto WordPress Excerpt Plug-in

This is one of the best free WordPress Excerpt Plugins for excerpting or cutting your posts that are displayed on archive, search, and home pages. Using this plugin no longer require individuals to excerpt their post manually. With the help of this plugin, they can easily configure the specific word length and they are ready to go. The features are excerpting your post according to word length, choosing excerpt from own search, archive and home and aligning texts and justifying them based on personal preference. This plugin is easy to use and can custom read and preserve images and real excerpts that you have personally written.

3. Fancy Excerpt Plugin

This WordPress plugin replaces the automatic and default excerpt generator with a reliable and highly functional excerpt generator that is sentence aware in nature. When excerpt are generated automatically, WordPress will not cut the post anymore after arbitrary character numbers. Instead, this WordPress plugin will be in charge in adding full paragraphs until 30 words or more are turned back. It will then complete the excerpts with more links.

4. Rich Text WordPress Excerpts Plugin

This plugin aids in swapping out texts that are utilized for excerpts with the use of TinyMCE exclusive editor assistance. This also functions in terms of generating rich text editor for post or page excerpts. Therefore, this will only be fully functional in WordPress 3.3 or above. This plugin uses 3 action hooks namely add meta boxes, which are being used to eliminate the excerpt box that is WordPress generated, edit page form and edit form advanced for adding the excerpt editor into the pages or posts when the metabox is no longer in use.

The best Free WordPress Excerpt Plugins might be readily available and are within your reach, but it would still be best to assess your specific needs and requirements.