4 Best Free WordPress Forms Plugins

Converting a WordPress in more than just an ordinary website has never been simple. These days, a number of WordPress plugins have been introduced to assist you in developing and making a WordPress installation better. Now, the creation of custom web forms within WordPress has become easy with the availability of the newly developed plugins. Producing web forms without the use of plugins would be very time-consuming and tricky. Not to mention about the technical knowledge you have to obtain.

Hence, if you want to make the tasks easier and faster, looking at the availability of the following best free WordPress forms plugins must be a great help:

1. Formidable Free Edition

With the use of this Formidable Free Edition WordPress plugin, you will be able to easily and quickly produce forms using an easy drag and drop interface along with the in-place editing. This WordPress plugin is certainly convenient and easy to install because of the simple interface features it has. Indeed, there are a number of form-creating plugins your can find out there, which claim to help you easy form creation, yet most of them are simply confusing and very complicated. However, this is not the case with Formidable. With this WordPress form plugin, it will be easy for you to build forms with its easy drag and drop interface. This plugin simply enables you to build custom forms or improve them from a certain template. In addition, you may also use shortcodes and some spam determining services with this plugin.

2. Ninja Forms Lite

This plugin is the free edition of the premium Ninja Forms Pro. With its availability, you will be able to use a very functional WordPress form plugin completely for free. It also has a user friendly drag and drop interface. With this interface, you will be able to construct not only simple but also complex forms.

3. WordPress Form Manager

This WordPress plugin is a tool you can use to create forms, which are used to download and collect information from your visitors to your website. It can also be used to construct forms that keep track of date or time as well as registered users. The forms will be added to pages or posts through the use of the easy to follow shortcode format, or they can also be complemented into your theme using the simple API.

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4. Visual Form Builder

This is another free WordPress form plugin, which enables you from building and managing just about every kind of forms you wish to use for your site. This is possible in just a single location. Just like the previous ones mentioned, Visual Form Builder offers convenience and easy interface to users. With the use of Visual Form Builder, it is possible for to build a completely functional form that only takes a couple of minutes to complete and you no longer need to write any bit of HTML, CSS, or PHP.

All these tools mentioned above are some of the best free WordPress forms plugins you can use, so make sure not to miss them in your list of choices when planning to build a form for your website.