4 Best Free WordPress Jquery Plugins

The primary concept of designing and working on the layout of websites is responsiveness. Responsive designs of websites really capture the interest and attention of internet users. Websites having this feature are more likely to be explored by site visitors. This also makes optimum user experience regardless of the type of device being used.

It is also a given reality that plugins play crucial role not just in improving the site and its content but also enhancing the experience of users. If you are well versed about the different WordPress plugins, you have probably familiar with the best free WordPress Jquery plugins. These plugins can integrate perfectly with your web designs and WordPress themes.

The Jquery plugins are cool and awesome and considered as one of the excellent tool that can help you flaunt amazing messages and images the quickest way possible. These plugins are noted for their primitive nature but it cannot be denied that these are still alive and widespread. Many web developers prefer using these plugins due to the unique and convenient features these particular plugins display. Here are some of the best free WordPress Jquery plugins that can help you manage your site:


This is one of the best free WordPress Jquery plugins that is available in free and lite form. For features and security, this plugin is the easiest and simplest to use. Most of the performances are fully optimized for slider plugin for WordPress. This also allows users to make infinite numbers of responsive sliders for WordPress with unlimited images and few clicks on the mouse. Individuals will not definitely go wrong with this Jquery plugin.

Smart Slider

This plugin got intuitive interface on backend making it easy and convenient for individuals to design attractive sliders in just a snap. This plugin is recognized as the perfect and most inclusive plugin solution for WordPress. The most interesting features of this Jquery plugin for WordPress include user friendliness, ideal WordPress integration, flexible animation system, slider generator, responsiveness and more. The free version of this plugin includes the capacity to create new functional sliders with plain slider type. With the help of this plugin, individuals become capable of adding button items, images and headings into the slider utilizing the background feature.

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Nivo Slider

This is another Jquery plugin that can make your website look great. This contains several transition effects and other essential features that support ideal navigation. This allows users to integrate plugin into the WordPress site with ease and convenience.

Simple Content Slider

This is a simple yet responsive Jquery plugin with exclusive features like CSS3 transitions and touch. This is a highly beneficial plugin for your WordPress website. The features include responsive slideshow, fade or slide effect, content slides including videos, text and images, short codes, slideshow functionality and many more.

The best free WordPress Jquery plugins are great tools that aid in sending the right message of your website to targeted audience. This can also be very useful in channeling information and improving the entire site at the same time.