4 Best Free WordPress Keyword Plugins

Proper keyword selection and density are necessary in the process of search engine optimization for blogs and websites. Web developers and article writers are aware of this. In fact, most of them are gifted with an excellent skill of producing unique and accurate keywords that are relevant to the contents of their newly constructed websites and articles. Keywords provide numerous back links in a website. A huge collection of unique keywords and back links can help web developers to improve the rankings of their websites in a search engine faster. That’s why a new set of best free WordPress keyword plugins was created in the internet nowadays to assist these individuals in their goals.

The following are the examples of WordPress keyword plugins that web developers and article writers can use in SEO and collection of keywords:

SEO Keyword Page

This is an example of best free WordPress keyword plugins that web developers can use to promote their websites effectively. SEO keyword page is a WordPress plugin in the internet nowadays that can be downloaded for free. This plugin has an ability to link a set of keywords to the phrases that can be found the latest posts, comments and pages of a certain website automatically. With the use of this plugin, web developers can customize their target keyword list for the websites easily with the help of its automatic SEO solutions for WordPress sites.


Are you looking for an efficient example of best free WordPress keyword plugins? Well, this WordPress plugin is the best answer to the demands of those people that are searching for an efficient WordPress keyword plugin for their new websites. WP-autolink is a WordPress plugin that can establish a set of links in all of the keywords that are present in a newly published post. This plugin can also make keywords links to all of the contents of a certain website once used.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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WP Keyword Suggest

This WordPress plugin uses the advantages of long tail keywords in the internet while making the content of a website 100 percent SEO optimized and different from what the other websites have. It is a WordPress plugin that can display a list of most suggested keywords in the internet nowadays. Its users can pick some of the suggested keywords from the list as additional keywords for the new title and content of their latest posts. New excellent ideas for a website can be easily generated by a web developer with the use of this ever reliable example of best free WordPress keyword plugins.

SEO Content Helper

This WordPress plugin has a strong connection to the minds of several search engines in the internet nowadays. SEO content helper is an example of best free WordPress keyword plugins that can be used by article writers and groups that are offering search engine optimization service. With the use of this WordPress plugin, an article writer and a search engine optimizer can easily distribute the keywords in high quality web content. Keyword density can be customized in the contents of a website with the use of this excellent WordPress plugin.