4 Best Free WordPress MP3 Player Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium MP3 Player Plugins

1. MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin

MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin

2. Fullwidth Audio Player – WordPress plugin

Fullwidth Audio Player - WordPress plugin

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Sound streaming is implanted into websites or sites by many people nowadays. More so, media on websites is set to furnish and stay for better experience among viewers. There are the best tools for placing music or sound cuts for musical artists and web originators.

A music player online provides different capacities to create a specific jukebox on the sites. It provides people the things they need by extending the different shades and sizes that suit on the web outline. Below are some of the best free WordPress mp3 Player Plugins for blogs and website that likely help in sparing the time:

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1. Compact WP Audio Player

This plugin is perfect and compatible to different major devices and browsers such as iPad, iPhone and Android. This is used to set in an audio file for mp3 on the page or post of WordPress with a short code. This audio player is compact and cute that plays on different major browsers. This plugin for audio plays supports .ogg and .mp3 file formats.

More so, this plugin is compact because it does not need real estate on the webpage. This is also compatible to HTML5 that the audio files in the plugin will operate on any of the iOS device. This is also perfect for different major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE9, IE8 and IE7.

2. Flash MP3 Player

This plugin is perfect as it displays highly modified MP3 player on the sidebar, in a single page of post or other place in the blog pages. This plugin also uses v2.3 and features of shuffling the play list. An album cover is displayed when it comes on playing a good song. One of the features it offers to users is a shuffled play list. An album cover can be displayed and the color scheme is changed. The background image is also set along with play lists and configuration files. It can be inserted on the other place of the page with template tag or short code.

3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

This perfect and trendy music player allows you of adding full playlist or audio track on the WordPress site with the use of short code. The colors of the player can be customized. It is also possible to display ratings, cover art and download or buy link when needed.

This is different to others as it fits on most major browsers such as Mac, PC and mobile devices such as iPad or iPhone. It is perfect as it uses ogg file and mp3 formats. It also has its customizable and attractive design and it works on major browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+. Apart from it, it allows a faster and easier download of tracks along an off and on auto play option.

4. Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic

This plugin is effective in streaming features and audio for a manageable playlist. The rows on playlist can be dropped and dragged to arrange the song order. Apart from it, users are able to choose for songs to be repeated and skipped.