4 Best Free WordPress Q&A Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Q&A Plugins

1. SabaiDiscuss for WordPress

Premium WordPress QA Plugin

2. WordPress FAQ Management Plugin

Wordpress FAQ Management Plugin

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When you are maintaining a site with question and answer features, you have to consider the role of best free WordPress Q&A Plugins in making your site more informative and interactive. There are countless individuals these days who have the desire to take advantage of the convenience and ease brought by plugin usage. The best plugins allow individuals to facilitate many things like assigning tags to every question, assigning categories and enabling them to post questions and get answers.

WordPress Q&A Plugins are becoming highly essential these days for bloggers, site owners, and developers. Due to the increasing need for this plugin, many types are now made available for individuals. Each type of Q and A plugin has its own sets of features and functions to boosts, and individuals are graced with the responsibility of choosing the best plugin that matches their needs and requirements. Here are the lists of the best free WordPress Q&A Plugins that individuals can consider:

1. Pubble WordPress Q&A Plugin

Pubble is a real-time Q&A WordPress plugin that lives on blogs, websites and Facebook pages. This plugin is excellent when it comes to crowdsourcing the frequently asked questions. Pubble plugin allows site visitors to ask questions instantly from your site. This plugin is responsible for providing prompt answers and as the question and answer data grows, this plugin aggregates the question and answer threads across the site in order to establish a killer page for site visitors.

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The major features of this WordPress Q&A Plugin include answering promptly all the previous question so that repetitive questions will be reduced and instant answers will be delivered to visitors. Other features displayed by this plugin are functional Facebook Question and Answer application, ideal options for full configuration like custom themes, moderation and more. The Pubble plugin is easy to set up so if you want to manage your site well, you can add this plugin to your site.

2. CM Answers Plugin

This plugin enables individuals to post queries and answers. This also allows individuals to make an exclusive question page including all the questions that are posted in the site or in the forum. Features of this plugin can be personalized in order to display queries that you raised with specific functionality and customization that are tailored to your needs. This plugin also includes log in registration for social media.


This is one of the best free WordPress Q&A plugin that provides your site with professional looking Question and Answer area. You can have this plugin running in just a matter of one minute.

4. Ask It Plugin

This is another WordPress Q&A Plugin that enables individuals, especially WordPress users, to ask various questions and have them answered via text alerts, emails, and dashboards.

Many WordPress users wanted to take advantage of the role played by the best free WordPress Q&A Plugins in terms of maintaining their site. These plugins are now earning value and recognition from users because these give way for better communication and online interaction.