4 Best Free WordPress Subscription Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Subscription Plugins

1. Multi Events Subscription Pop

Multi Events Subscription Pop

2. Mailchimp Custom Popup Subscription for WordPress

Mailchimp Custom Popup Subscription for wordpress
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WordPress is easy to set up and flexible online publishing platform that is downloaded million times since its early launch. WordPress plugins are also made available to help site owners make their website more improved and functional.

There are several types of plugins available these days but if you are on the lookout for the best free WordPress subscription plugins, you have to make extensive research and comparison. This is an excellent way to end u with the best free subscription plugin for WordPress that you desire.

When you come across subscription plugins for WordPress, you will realize that there are many options that you can consider, however, you have to look upon the features and evaluate if these suit your unique needs. Here are some of the best free WordPress subscription plugins that you have to pay attention to:

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1. Simple Subscribe

This is one of the best free WordPress subscription plugins that is easy to use yet powerful and flexible. The Simple Subscribe is a bulletproof and secured plugin that gives users the power to add subscription from their WordPress site as widget shortcode or utilizing php in the template codes.

The subscription form can collect more than email address. Users can choose additional fields including interests, age, location and name. With the help of this plugin, users can even send post digests restricted only to themselves. All registered users and subscribers of WordPress can subscribe on WordPress profile through checking personal options and email subscriptions.

2. WP-Members

This is free membership plugin for WordPress that aids in restricting contents to authorized and registered users. This plugin makes your WordPress site a membership-driven site. The WP Members restrict specific contents to be viewable to official site members. This is also responsible for putting the registration process in line with your content. This subscription plugin excellently works without altering and modifying your theme.

This is one of the best free wordpress subscription plugins that is scalable for all users to customize the feel and the look of their site or simply to restrict particular content. This plugin is an excellent tool for websites providing premium content to exclusive subscribers. This is adaptable to wide range of applications.

3. s2Member

This is a free and extremely powerful free membership and subscription management WordPress plugin. This plugin seamlessly integrate with other businesses standard. This also supports registration custom pages, account access and more.

4. Paid Memberships Pro

This is hundred percent free and interested individuals can downloaded this without any financial obligation. Users are allowed to review code, change it, install this plugin on a site or do the installation on hundreds of sites absolutely for free. This subscription plugin for WordPress are quick and easy to install and most of all intuitive in nature.

These are the best free WordPress subscription plugins that you can count on if you want to improve your site and make it more appealing and engaging. These plugins display impressive features that guarantee reliable performance. The most amazing thing of all is that these subscription plugin for WordPress is for free.