4 Best Free WordPress Support Ticket Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Support Ticket Plugins

1. WP Awesome Support Responsive Ticket System

Wordpress Responsive Ticket System Plugin

2. Responsive Ticket System for WordPress

Wordpress Responsive Ticket Plugin

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WordPress Support Ticket Plugins are creatively designed to cater the necessities of certain businesses and provide support and services to their users. Learn about some of the WordPress Support Plugins that will surely help you in attaining your needs.

1. WordPress Advanced Ticket System

This kind of plugin will offer you with necessary ingredients that will make a good ticket system that will suit your WordPress website. It permits your visitors to submit certain queries and problems. When a certain ticket is created, your visitor can already set a priority as well as the status of the ticket. The plugin will serve as a help desk that will provide better support to your customers and users. With the help of the inbuilt Customer Relationship Management, it will help you maintain and interact with a wide range of customers with good relationship and rest assured that you will have potential and loyal customers.

2. FAQ and Knowledge Base Plugin

This plugin is a kind of WordPress Support Ticket Plugins that is proven effective when it comes to avoiding confusions and queries in a way of providing their users with a support page that commonly contains frequently asked questions and support queries. This plugin will provide you with a FAQ section that will feature a hybrid communication system on your website. It will enable your customers for easy customer access and interaction. The plugin will also provide you with social support and cloud based system that you will surely love.

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3. WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin

This kind of plugin is proven effective in providing their customers ad users with customer support through emails. The plugin has a built ticket system that will allow you to provide excellent support to all your customers. This plugin will also offer you with an option that commonly involves the use of a light box that is typically placed on your website like the “contact us” page. The plugin has the ability to allow you as well as the non-WordPress user to generate tickets and the tickets that are automatically generated have its assigned numbers. The user that generates the ticket has the ability to view the certain position of the ticket to estimate the response time.

4. Responsive Ticket System WordPress Plugin

This plugin has a multi lingual ticket management plugin that suits medium traffic website and small businesses. The plugin has an email template number and the generation of ticket is being accompanied by prioritization. If a certain ticket is being rated as very high, it will be forwarded immediately to the admin. The support ticket can be classified as closed, open, replied and pending. This kind of plugin will also provide you with a summary of statistics for easy evaluation of the admin. The admin has the ability to set a variety of roles for users that includes the support staff of a certain website. The plugin is very responsive when it comes to important websites and short codes are available in the latest version of the plugin. The short codes plays a vital role in plugin since it ensures the spam issues that the plugin might encounter.