4 Best Free WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium YouTube Gallery Plugins

1. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube

Video Plugin WordPress Plugin

2. Video Gallery WordPress

Video Gallery WordPress

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Adding YouTube videos to a WordPress page or post is easy. You just have to plop in URL or embed code of the video and you are almost set and done. However, if your site tends to be video heavy, you might probably seek for more powerful solution. You might also desire to showcase videos in a more engaging and intriguing way. For many individuals, YouTube gallery plugin is the best solution to keep the ball rolling. However, the level of results will still depend on the type of gallery plugin you opt to use.

A gallery plugin will definitely allow you to develop an entire page of captivating videos that are based solely on YouTube tags to individuals choosing the specific videos they want. These videos are featured in an extraordinary video player.

There is an impressive and wide range of best free WordPress YouTube gallery plugins. These plugins served as great deal of inventive and excellent solutions. Here are some of the best free WordPress YouTube gallery plugins you can try in managing and improving your site:

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1. Tube Press

This is a simple to use and powerful gallery plugin for WordPress giving users tons of controls for embedding videos from Vimeo or YouTube automatically. After making some adjustments based on your personal preference, a gallery is created automatically for you with properly inserted short codes. One of the strongest features of Tube Press is the power to provide users multiple ways to choose which videos will likely to complete up your automatically designed and created video gallery. With the help of this YouTube video gallery plugin, users can select videos from particular user, user’s favorite or from featured videos or playlist.

2. YouTube SimpleGallery

This is one of the best free WordPress YouTube gallery plugins for making video galleries with combined thumbnails. The interesting thing about this gallery plugin is that it supports both Vimeo and YouTube. This plugin also enables users to combines both services and videos on same gallery. This gallery also fetches both titles and thumbnails from Vimeo or YouTube.

3. Contus Video Gallery Plugin

This is another best free WordPress YouTube gallery plugin giving video page multiple sections. At the top portion is a reliable and functional player having 5 different videos on its side. Below is the section for recent videos, featured videos and famous videos. This gallery plugin for WordPress got every video residing in own page. Users of this gallery plugin can create their gallery by adding the video URLs. Once it is successfully added, users can generate description and title from YouTube automatically. This gallery plugin also offers several controls.

4. YouTube Channel Plugin

This is a simple gallery plugin allowing you to create an exclusive gallery through Youtube channel identification. You can set videos on top gallery by inserting the ID properly on the right spot.

These are just few of the best free WordPress YouTube gallery plugins that can help you manage your site and all the video contents. It is highly essential to choose the best gallery plugin that can provide you with what you actually need.