4 Free Ajax WordPress Themes

Proving that your business has what it takes involves a lot more than it has in the past, including being able to show that you’re up to date with the latest technology in your field. This is where the free Ajax WordPress themes come into play as they give you the opportunity to optimize your website for the best performance. It will also help you to give your readers information in a unique and reliable way. Building a portfolio website is essential to the success of many businesses, and there are a variety of great JavaScript-based themes known as Ajax themes. This list includes all of the best free Ajax WordPress themes that you’ll be able to find.

1. Reslig


If you’re a photographer that’s interested in showing an array of photographs in one convenient location, the Reslig template is the right one for you. It will give you the opportunity to add photos to the website and display them in a grid format so readers can click on the individual images and make them larger. By customizing the base of the website you will be able to change the amount of columns that are displayed on the page. With multiple images in multiple columns, it creates a really interesting appearance that is scalable for any resolution. It is also an incredibly responsive template that’s perfect for mobile devices and desktop computer.

2. Testarossa


As with most of the free Ajax WordPress themes, Testarossa is perfect for aspiring photographers that are interested in developing their own online portfolios. It is a simple design that gives you the ability to show multiple images at the same time. The entire sidebar of the website will be dedicated to featured images that your users can click on to see larger versions. It will also direct them to a dedicated picture details page where you can give them more information about the photograph and your inspiration. You can also choose a different background for each photograph, helping to make it incredibly customizable. Even if you’re not specifically a photographer, it is a great WordPress theme for creative purposes.

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3. Depth


Depth is one of the most innovative WordPress themes that you can take advantage of as it’s both fresh and modern. It is designed to be a full screen template that is viewable on a variety of platforms. The full screen slideshow is great for portrait and landscape photos, integrating links and descriptions, enhancing the uniqueness of each image. There is also the full screen video feature that can work with videos that are hosted either by yourself or on YouTube. There are autoplay and sound control features that you can work with.

When you start creating your creative portfolio you can customize the size of the thumbnails, choose if you want a new pop-up window when a reader clicks a link, and if you want to integrate any other sliders. The main thing to know is that Depth is incredibly adaptive and has been tested on both Android and iOS devices. It comes with enlarged font, a mobile menu, and easy scrolling for easy navigation.

4. Pinzolo


Pinzolo is incredibly simple to customize and it was specifically designed to be minimalistic, making it the perfect addition for any business or creative website. As a brand new template that has just hit the web, many users are getting curious about what it has to offer. The template is entirely responsive and retina ready. You can easily customize the features even if you don’t have a lot of experience with HTML or CSS, which is convenient for many first time WordPress users. As one of the most customizable free Ajax WordPress themes, you will be able to create a custom header, custom background, custom colors, and edit the header text.

The menu on the template is fixed and with the combination of the Ajax loading it is incredibly modern and adaptable. You will also be able to easily use the Photospace plugin if you are interested in displaying any specific images that you would like your readers to see. To make browsing easier on mobile devices and smaller screens, there is a small navigation bar and drop down menu where your readers can select any subpages that you create. There are more features to be added including post formats, more customizable options, and several page layouts that you’ll be able to choose from.

Free Ajax WordPress themes are the best way to showcase your creative talents without having to customize the templates that you choose. In most cases you will be able to find a template that suits your interests and if you want to customize it, you can use a wizard to do so instead of trying to code the site yourself.

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