4 Free Job Board WordPress Themes

There is no stringent rule that your job board or job portal will have to be of a certain kind, adhering to a particular type of layouts and designs. It goes without saying that the posts should be neatly organized so browsing can be effortless. The bottom line is that the website and all the posts should be well sorted. However, there are a number of different ways you can consider to attain the same impact. There are numerous free job board WordPress themes you can consider using. Some of these will be a plug and play solution as they are custom made for job portals. Others are not exclusively for job portals or classifieds but they have the requisite features which can be very useful while designing job portals. You may intend to come up with a website focused entirely on jobs or you may want a section of your website to act as a job board. Regardless of that approach, you can check out these free job board WordPress themes.

1. Jobile


Jobile is perhaps the best of all free job board WordPress themes. It may not be the most sophisticated or the most unique but it caters to the primary and the sole purpose of listing jobs. There is no simpler way to come up with a job board than a theme that offers a turnkey solution. With Jobile, you just plug and play. If you have the jobs ready then they are ready to be listed. The Jobile theme is very light which makes load times insignificant. The website would be fast, easy to browse and the clean or minimalist design allows viewers to focus on the jobs instead of getting distracted by other elements on the website. The theme is responsive so it would be accessible on all browsing platforms and devices. There are dedicated sections for blogs, ads, new job posts, comments and social media integration. Jobile can be used exclusively as a job portal or job site. It can also be used as a business website with a section for jobs. The widgets and their placement are customizable so one can always toy with a few ideas.

2. Business Leader

Business Leader

Business Leader is one of the simplest of all free job board WordPress themes out there. From the looks of it, you may not think of the template as much but if you observe the simple or clean presentation of posts and how the posts are archived allowing relevant posts to be easily searchable and navigable, then you would find its significance in the category of job portals or classifieds. The theme is simple but you can work on custom logos, headers, images and you can enjoy a responsive website. The Business Leader theme comes with full width parallax header images and that would be on every page, the typography is simple, there is sidebar and footer widgets, the template is retina-ready with high resolution image support and the theme is versatile enough to suit the branding tenor of a company.

3. Classified Ads

Classified Ads

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Classified Ads may appear to be more like an ad portal than a job portal but in essence the two are not very different. When you replace promotional or advertising content with job profiles or descriptions, the same classified layout works wonders. At the end of the day, the purpose of a job board is to drive the point home and it must be easy enough for jobseekers to find relevant information and then apply. Classified Ads can achieve that for your organization or firm. The theme is responsive, it allows the content to be in focus and there are ad buttons, background images with myriad colors, headers and hovers, customizable posts and footers.

4. MyKnowledgeBase


MyKnowledgeBase is one of the most well provisioned or rather well designed free job board WordPress themes. If you are a large organization or a recruitment agency catering to many companies then it is likely that you wouldn’t have any one type of opening or just a few jobs. It is absolutely possible that you would have dozens of different companies, scores of jobs and many jobs may seem to be similar but the exact profile or description may be quite different. How would you present such diverse or different jobs on one portal and manage to attend to jobseekers with largely varied resumes? The best way to do so is with a theme like MyKnowledgeBase. Check out the various categories that you can sort your jobs into and how conveniently they are all placed right on the home page wherefrom a visitor can choose to navigate in a relevant way. The layout alone is a reason enough to use this theme. Then there are additional reasons such as responsiveness, a bulletin board, link portal, FAQ section, customizable sidebars and widgets, headers and footers among others.

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