4 Free WordPress Templates for Musicians

Musicians should have their own website. Unlike other professionals, freelancers, self employed people or organizations, there cannot be a generic approach to choosing free WordPress templates for musicians. One expects bloggers to have a certain kind of a website. Freelancing programmers or even writers can adhere to the standard practices of developing a website. Musicians cannot do so because there is ample scope for experimentation. Also, the exact style of a musician and the expertise will have certain demands for the website to attend to.

Let us consider the principal distinction that sets individual musicians apart from bands. It doesn’t matter how small or large a band is. Independent musicians or artists need to factor in the difference that they wouldn’t have the same kind of website as bands. A band becomes the entity and thus the identity. For independent musicians, only one individual is the entity. Naturally, the type of website one can design or the kind of free WordPress templates for musicians one can choose will depend on that.

Musicians specialize in myriad instruments. Some specialize in various kinds of music, including multiple instruments. Some musicians are confined to only one instrument or one style of music, composition and singing. The specialization or the genre will also determine the flavor of the free WordPress templates or musicians. From the colors to the onsite features, the presentation of the artists to featuring the various compositions or productions, everything has to be worked on depending on the exact attributes of the musician. Here are some free WordPress templates for musicians that you can consider using.

1. Byblos


Byblos is basically a portfolio website template. Musicians, like many other professionals, will require a portfolio. It doesn’t matter how successful or at what stage of aspiration a musician is. Photographers, writers or bloggers, freelancers and creative agencies, all require portfolios or profiles and Byblos is a great template to get started with. Byblos is a responsive theme so it would be perfectly displayed on every device and browsing platform. The theme comes with a menu layout, grid tiles for a blog, the featured image is immersive enough, the theme is SEO ready and can also be customized in myriad ways. From customizable headers to footers, social media integration to an array of widgets, the theme offers you enough features to have an impressive presence online.

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2. BeatMix Lite

BeatMix Lite

BeatMix Lite is a very useful free WordPress template for musicians, especially bands. Tours, concerts and events are an integral part of the lives of all musicians. BeatMix Lite attends to this very important aspect. The theme is not strictly for portfolio websites but it can be used to have enough information up there so the world can get to know more about a musician or band. The theme is ideal for events and concerts, with images featured on the home page, important posts being highlighted in widgets and then steadily archived but kept available and there is a plethora of options as far as web pages are concerned so people or fans can get relevant information pertaining to the band or musicians. The theme is very flexible and it can be used by anyone, regardless of the knowledge of coding. The theme is also fully responsive so one doesn’t have to worry about browser or device compatibility.

3. Musik


Musik is one of the simplest free WordPress templates for musicians. It can be considered as a portfolio theme or a blog theme. The theme is responsive. It has two dedicated spaces for widgets which further add to the simplicity of the website. There is a place for logo, custom header, sticky posts and threaded comments. The theme is translation ready.

4. Singl


This is another minimalist theme but with an appeal that cannot be ignored. The developers had clearly thought of musicians while designing this theme. The visuals are strong, the plug-ins are smartly placed and the website is easily navigable. It is very flexible so customization is not a worry at all.

Any website for musicians must have some unique content that would highlight the works of the artists and there should be some generic flavors that exude the essence of music. The latter can be portrayed with logos, contents, featured or background images, colors or specific pictures that showcase the instruments that a band or the musician specializes in. Showcasing past work and future endeavors would be the primary purpose of a website for any musician along with highlighting the technical finesse. All these free WordPress templates for musicians can help you to attain that objective. You should however choose the themes and the colors, fonts or images in accordance with the kind of music you produce. That would be the primary factor facilitating the connection with your fans.

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