43 Most Popular Blog Category Topics

Most Popular Blogging Categories


Picking A Blog Topic That Makes Money

You may create a blog to share you, your ideas, your feelings, or what you feel passionate about. Your blog will attract advertisers eventually if you get enough readers and enough hits. Advertisement means money for you.

When choosing a blog topic, you should naturally pick a subject or topic that you know something about and have a definite interest in. Having a deep interest will keep you actively researching and adding to your blog daily or several times a day.

Share Passion

Passion and a definite position can never hurt your blog. Having a definite position draws readers with similar points of view and readers mean notice and hits and ads and money.

Even if you are into blogging just for the money you need a guide to determine what topics get the most traffic (number of hits and readers) and pick one of a topic at the top of the list to guarantee yourself an income. If you write profusely you can have multiple blogs and multiple sources of income from ads on your blogs.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Another way of making the internet and blogging make money for you is to select a special topic that appeals to a particular audience and develops that audience by bringing new information that is current and pertinent to your special field to your reader’s attention.

What Does Google Say?

You best source for finding out what is hot in blogging is Google naturally. Google still basically owns the net and dominates net searches and internet advertising. You can use Google’s AllInTtitle operator to generate a list of the most popular blog topics for any day or date frame you select. You can also narrow down the results you get by requesting results that are strings with AND or NOT operators that will produce a list that is more specific to the topic you have in mind.

The date frame you pick is important for some topics due to changing factors in politics, business, sports, and entertainment. You want to keep an eye on the changes that affect your blog topic regularly so you keep a steady level of readership.

How is Competition?

You need to consider competition and the financial resources you have to pay Google for positioning on the side bar of search engine pages and at the top of search engine results. Cars, music, food, beauty, fashion, movies, health, and technology (phones, laptops, PCS, apps), and design (app design, home design, clothing design, etc.) have more sites than any other topics.

If you select a topic that has a lot of competition you have to make your blog stand out from the rest in visual appeal and content in order to be noticed and to attract advertisements.

Consider SEO

Search engine optimization is a top topic because Google and every other search engine are constantly changing their algorithms for search engines. Knowing what is going on with search engine optimization keeps your blog in front of more eyes and makes you more money.

The basic idea is there are tools to help you select blog topics that can make your blog make money for you. Topic selection is your first consideration due to the high levels of competition your blog will encounter. Advertisers have a defined amount of money to spend on the net and your selection of topics means you can get some of that money.