5 Best Free WordPress Avatar Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Avatar Plugins

1. SVG Avatars Generator – WordPress Plugin

SVG Avatars Generator - WordPress Plugin

2. Authors Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin

Authors Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

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One of the exciting ways on how your visitors and website members can enjoy the products or services that are offered in your site is allowing them to setup their own avatars. Provided that you can choose from the best free WordPress avatar plugins for your website will allow you to get the best one suited for your needs and the one suited for your preferences. Through choosing among different plugins, you can take advantage of picking the right avatar plugin that is convenient for your website.

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5 Best Free WordPress Avatar Plugins

To get various choices, here are best free WordPress avatar plugins that you can get your choice from:

1. WP User Avatar
This is the top avatar plugin that you can use on your website where you can upload any photo you like from your Media Library and use it as your avatar. It only means that you are going to use the exact same library and uploader just the like the ones used with your posts. With this plugin, you will no longer have to deal with extra folders or other editing functions for your image.

2. WP Social Avatar
If you want your photo in your social accounts to be the ones used are your WordPress avatar, then this plugin is the one for you. Given the WordPress may require you to use the gravatar for your site. It might bore you if you would settle for a single gravatar for a long time. With this plugin, you can use the profile pictures you have in any of your social media account.

3. Easy Author Image
The use of this plugin will give you the option to just add any author image that you like for your profile page. After the installation, a new option in the tab for Your Profile will be added. The Profile Picture tab will be added just under the Users tab. This will come complete with an uploader box for uploading for your author picture.

4. BooBook
It is another simple way of connecting the popular social media site Facebook with WordPress. The instructions for getting the website are very simple. Once you learn the simple ways on installing it, you are sure to get the ease of using the plugin for updating your avatar.

5. Author or User Image
This plugin allows you to setup your own author image. Through the use of this plugin, the photo that you have set as the author image will be seen in the section for about author and on the comments, as well. You can resize the image you have chosen and you can just set a particular image as a default image whenever users would not set their own images.

With the abovementioned best free WordPress avatar plugins, you are sure to get the right avatar plugin that would meet the avatar preferences that you have. As long as you have these options in mind, you can always make your WordPress website as personalized and convenient for you and your users as how you want it to be.