5 Best Free WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Breadcumb Plugins

1. Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs

Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs

2. WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs

WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs

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The Examples of Best Free WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins

To those people who are looking for the best best free WordPress breadcrumb plugins on the internet, this article will be the best reference to use in selecting the best one for them to use regularly in their own websites. Here are the best examples of breadcrumb plugins by WordPress which can be used by web developers at the present:

1. Yoast Breadcrumbs

This plugin is one of the best wordpress plugins on the internet that enable fast and easy breadcrumb installation process in different kinds of websites. The process for installation lasts for few seconds only and the only step that its users must perform to add it in their own websites is to check the “add automatically box” in its interface.

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2. Breadcrumbs Everywhere

This WordPress plugin helps its users add trail navigation for their breadcrumbs that will establish connections to BuddyPress 1.5.x. Simple. To use this plugin in a website, the users must add at least one line of code in their templates. Actually, this plugin helps its users save more time in waiting for several kinds of search results. Although it is not meant to be used regularly, still, it has an admin feature available in its interface just in case its users need such kind of feature to use in their website.

3. AmR Breadcrumb Navigation

This plugin was also added in the list of the best free WordPress breadcrumb plugins. This WordPress plugin is well known for its ability to produce a breadcrumb trail that leads to a page tree and a single page. The flow of its breadcrumb trail reaches all the levels of the page hierarchy of a website without indenting or nesting. AmR Breadcrumb Navigation enables Default CSS styling in its interface. But this feature can be turned off by the users when necessary. A separator for HTML mark-ups can be added also in its features if its users want it to be available in their new WordPress plugin for their websites.

4. RDFa Breadcrumb

This plugin of wordpress which is also one of the best free WordPress breadcrumb plugins on the internet at the present time. It works efficiently in recording the history of all the pages navigated by users every time that it was used. The plugin is capable of providing several links to each page opened by its users from the previous to current pages that were navigated. An RDFa Breadcrumb plugin contains new templates and it has a permanent RDFa content markup which enables search engines to show and recognize all the breadcrumbs which will be displayed in search results.

5. Breadcrumb NavXT

This is the last WordPress plugin that web developers should also consider while selecting a WordPress breadcrumb product from its collections. This plugin is a product of all the improvements and changes added in the former Breadcrumb Navigation XT plugin of WordPress. This plugin can generate locational breadcrumb trails that are powered by websites and blogs which can be found on the internet. All breadcrumb trails generated by this plugin can be customized according to what its users want to see.