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Wordpress Collaboration Plugins

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Looking for the best free WordPress collaboration plugins? Well, you should be! A website will only run smoothly and effectively if you take time to work together with all the people involved in running the website. Webmasters and editors usually tend to forget about this essential factor, and often do not communicate well with the contributors. The reason for this probably is the fact that they don’t have the responsibility of maintaining the site – which is the main objective from the side of the admin.

The staffs in a fast food chain actually have their unique jobs to consider, and they’re doing the best they can to do these jobs. However, if the main chef doesn’t talk to them, and they do not speak to each other, it will surely result to a disaster. Order done twice or even forgotten altogether, burnt food, and a dining room full of angry customers will be the outcome.

Blogs run in quite the same manner. You actually have administrators, editors, moderators, contributors, developers, and designers. Yes, some may take multiple jobs. But that does not make communication less important. Thus, it is very essential that you equip your website with one of the best free WordPress collaboration plugins available on the internet.

Best Collaboration Plugins

Here are some of the best free WordPress collaboration plugins that you should consider.

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1. WP Status Notifier
With this plugin, you don’t have to worry anymore about keeping up on pending posts. This will notify you when there’s anything that awaits publication. You can set up essential notification for the contributors in order to notify them if their posts have been accepted or published. This plugin is helpful, quick, and easy to utilize.

2. Edit Flow
Communicate with the entire team with the use of Edit Flow, a very awesome plugin, which will offer you calendar, custom status message, editorial comment threading for discussion with editors and contributors, story budgets, metadata, notifications.

3. Ideas
Do not clutter up your post sections with different ideas waiting to be written. Instead, use this plugin to have separate area where you can draft ideas, including deadline and descriptions if you want. This is a good idea for you can actually put any idea you have for the contributors to discover and use.

4. Blogging Checklist
Are the writers keep on forgetting to track and check SEO in the articles? Are they submitting contents full of spelling errors? Well, maybe they are not tagging their posts properly. This plugin is ideal for almost all the details making up for the technical facets of the posts. Create your checklist that will sit in editing section to every post. This will have all of them followed this list in order to ensure that there’s nothing missing before hitting the ‘submit’ button.

5. Dashboard Post It
Leave a quick not in your post – it is on the dashboard. It’s super easy, and there is no real feature available. If you really want to have the best way of leaving fast comments and reminders, then this plugin is the best option.

If you are after better collaboration in your blog, consider the above mentioned best free WordPress collaboration plugins and have satisfying results in no time.